Confessions of Little Miss PMA

So I’m very new to this, in fact this is my first ever blog post. So bear with me, I’m bound to go on and on, but hopefully some of it will be interesting, funny or moving…thats the plan anyway.

Where to start??? Well heres a bit about me….I’m 30, nearly 31. Ive been with my husband for nearly 10 years, we have been married nearly 7 and he truly is the most wonderful man i know. We went to school together but didn’t meet until after we left, I’m a year older, and went on holiday with friends, only to bump into him on the beaches of Kos!! We connected instantly, and a few short months later, after a lot of perseverance on his side, we got together and haven’t looked back since. We were at uni at the time and i moved into his halls pretty much straight away, and we’ve barely been apart since. That may sound a bit OTT and rushed, but it works for us, and everyone told us we were too young to get married, but here we are, still going strong!!!!

We live in our little home with 3 of the strangest cats you’ll ever meet. we really want to move, but due to IVF funding, its best to stay where we are until we have used all of our NHS funding…that doesn’t mean to say i haven’t got property alerts being sent to my phone though lol

Now, the point of this blog? Well, our 10 years together have been amazing, but we’ve also encountered a few hurdles along the way, many of which have occurred this year alone! I guess a lot of this post will be about struggle to conceive, the roller coaster that is infertility and IVF but ill also speckle it with various goings on in my life including my weight GAIN struggle, being a bereaved parent and part time carer to my lovely Mum.

I decided to start a blog as I’ve been very active in online forums for many years now, and received such wonderful support and made some lovely friends along the way. Ive become known as Little Miss PMA, which i love, I’ve always wanted to be seen as someone who can make things feel a little brighter, and try to see the positive (which is mostly down to this year alone, i used to be a realist, still am but now i can also see the positive where most people wouldn’t) but there are times, when the PMA drops and i thought having a place to vent would be really useful.

So….let it begin, i hope you find this an interesting read, but really its just for me to get my thoughts out.

Thanks xx


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