The TTC Journey….

So to begin our TTC (trying to conceive) journey….in May 2009 we decided to start trying for a baby, ive always wanted to be a Mummy, but hubby wasnt so sure, however we’d been married 2 years and so he agreed, not reluctantly, but with the good sense of a 24 year old with little money!!! My Mum had no trouble getting pregnant so i fully expected a bun in the oven within 3 months…12 months later, still no baby!!! So off to the GP we went, we were referred to a fertility consultant at the local hospital with no idea of the journey we were about to begin!!!

The fertility consultant booked me for a lap & dye, to check my fallopian tubes weren’t blocked, that went well and the nurse in recovery told me she expected id be pregnant really soon and not to worry. We were sent away with Clomid and told to try for 3 cycles and then we’d been seen again. Now the idea behind Clomid is to make you over ovulate, giving you more chance of a sperm meeting an egg, so as we had no issues whatsoever, it was a guarantee right? Wrong!!!!

3 cycles pass and no baby, so off we go back to the FS at the hospital, just to be told to try another 3 months but not to worry, other than me having long cycles, there are no issues!!! So off we go, full of belief, only to find 3 months later, we are still not expecting. The FS then tells us IVF is the only option now…bit out of left field but OK, however i had to quit smoking, so another 3 month wait before we could be referred.

This brings us to September 2011 and finally we are referred to the IVF clinic. What follows is a barrage of tests, all the same as the ones the FS did, and then we are called into a meeting….

This is where we realised things weren’t as rosy as they appeared….instead of having unexplained infertility it turns out i have polycystic ovaries, PCO, but not the syndrome, meaning i have regular periods, but a fair few follicles on each ovary every month, instead of just one. This on its own wouldn’t be a problem of sorts, until combined with hubby. Turns out everything that can be wrong, is. He has low count, low motility and low morphology. I have come to affectionally refer to hubby’s swimmers as ‘gay’ as they take one look ay my egg and run off in the other direction!!! However we were assured that with ICSI (where they actually inject the egg with a sperm) we should be ok. However, we have a less than 1% chance of falling pregnant naturally. Que. the breakdown right? Nope! We took it in our stride, signed the mountains of paperwork and off we went.

Fast forward to May 2012 and we embark on our first round of ICSI. Im not going to go into all the ins and outs as I’m due to start the second round soon, and will bore your socks off with all the meds etc then. So lets just get to the interesting bits….they collected 22 eggs from me, has to be some advantage to having PCO, right? Hubby’s sperm analysis (SA) was poor but with the wonders of science, we managed to get 13 fertilised eggs….sounds amazing, but over the next few days, 10 of them arrested and by day 5 we had a blastocyst (scientific term for the stage of development our embryo was at) and 2 almost blastos! Despite having OHSS (a condition only developed during IVF, ill talk more about it when i go through my next round) they transferred that embryo….the result….BFN (big fat negative)! I did kinda know, i just thought with all the meds i had been given to stimulate my ovaries, how can this poor embryo stand a chance? I was downhearted, but not beaten!! Those 2 slow growers were frozen, ready for use in the future.

We went through 2 medicated Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles, both of which were cancelled due to poor response, trust me when i say thats worse than a BFN. The first time i cried for 8 hours straight, called every local IVF clinic to see if they would continue my treatment but, for obvious reasons, to no avail! The second time i saw it coming but still spiralled into a miserable few weeks wondering why on earth i was doing this to myself.

This brings us to June 2013 where clinic decides i must have a endometrial lining issue and need to have a camera in my uterus to check the state of affairs in there…so with the promise of a referral, we are once agin left in the ether! During my wait for the referral i decided to pay for some private tests over in Greece, turns out i tested positive for a hidden infection, had always tested negative in UK….go figure. Hubby and i embark on a month long course of antibiotics to clear this deep-seated infection. In the mean time, my referral has been lost, made, cancelled and everything in-between which prompted a formal complaint from hubby….luckily with the help of PALS everything was sorted, appointment set for a few days after we returned from holiday.

The procedure shows no abnormalities so we are referred back to the IVF clinic who are at a loss, desperate really, and so decide to suggest a natural FET. NO meds, just me on my own, tracking my own cycle. So late October 2013 1 of those slow embryos that was frozen is defrosted and returned to its rightful place. The clinic had no hope, my lining was 5mm, they like a minimum of 7mm, everyone assured me it would fail, but after 2 cancellations in 12 months, i had to try, i was going loopy!!!!

11 days later, we got our first ever BFP….OH MY GOD!!!!!!!


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