OMG, this is actually happening…

OMG, this is actually happening…

So when last we left it, i was unsure as to whether to proceed with Cyprus as it’ll mean losing the NHS funding. Well the very next morning, i woke up to an email from Team Miracle, it had my schedule attached and the details on how to buy the meds. As you can imagine, all thoughts of the NHS disappeared, and i knew, absolutely, that Cyprus was the way forward!

So we are actually doing this!!!!! I’m so excited, i have a really good feeling!

When i last did a ‘fresh’ cycle, it was May 2012. i was given 2 drugs to stimulate my ovaries, a drug to trigger ovulation and then the dreaded pessaries (dreaded as they are a waxy like substance that you insert vaginally and, well, lets just say its messy) for after transfer….and that was that. Over in Cyprus, its a whole different ball game – there are so many meds AFTER transfer to try and encourage the embryo to stick and stay stuck!


So here is the science bit…

from CD25 ill take a tablet for 5 days to induce AF

From CD2 ill inject Menopur – this is the drug that stimulates the follicles

On CD7 ill add Cetrotide – this drug inhibits Luteinising Hormone so i don’t ovulate

On CD10 we fly over to Cyprus

On CD11 ill meet ‘Team Miracle’ and have a scan to check how large the follicles are and how think my lining is, all being well, that night ill be given a trigger shot – this stimulates the final maturation of eggs in the ovaries

36 hours later i will have my eggs collected under sedation and hubby will provide a sample. the mature eggs will be injected with hubby’s sperm and left overnight to see how many fertilise normally. the same day, the drug regime really ramps up!!

On a daily basis ill have to use 3 progesterone pessaries – progesterone is a hormone that holds the pregnancy in place in the early stages, if we are lucky enough to get a BFP, ill continue on these delightful pessaries until 12 weeks gestation.

Ill also be taking Estrofem tablets 3 times a day until 10 weeks gestation (PMA) – this is artificial oestrogen and i assume this to get my lining to thicken (as i was given something similar on my cancelled medicated FET cycles) – its also used for HRT – Oh the irony!!

For 5 days following egg collection (EC) ill also be on antibiotics (ABs) twice a day – i assume to rule out infection before transfer, and its possible they are assuming i have an infection affecting lining thickness – i only think this as in July last year i had tests done that revealed i had chronic chlamydia, i had been tested in the UK and had always been told i was negative but we sent a sample to Serum in Greece and what do you know, turns out i was positive – and they prescribed the same Antibiotics (but for a month)

So 5 days after EC ill hopefully have some lovely blastocysts ready for transfer (ET). ET is fairly simple, a bit like having a smear, but with an ultrasound so you can see the embryo’s being deposited into your uterus. So ill have stopped the ABs by now but I’m adding a couple more meds into the mix…

Fraxiparine injection daily until 12 weeks – this is a blood thinner and i think this is to increase blood flow to the lining and uterus in general to hopefully help the pregnancy along

and finally Proluton Depot intramuscular jabs every 4 days for 20 days – this is similar to progesterone and is to stop spontaneous miscarriage

Not to mention the Folic Acid, Asprin and Pre natal vitamins I’m already taking!!!!!

So as you can see, its quite the regime, and it makes me feel like Team Miracle are taking getting me pregnant a lot more seriously than the UK did – everyone told me that you’re an individual at Team Miracle and i certainly feel that way.

Ill be using Team Miracle’s services to order my meds for the UK as they have a deal with a distributor who only charges Cyprus prices, saving me over £100. we have encountered a little hiccup – Team Miracle suggested i get the medication to induce AF from my GP but 1. we wouldn’t get an appointment on time, and 2. the surgery has already told us they will do nothing further to help me with my private cycle (nice lot aren’t they?!) so we will also be ordering that through Team Miracle for £40 – but what’s that when you’re spending thousands eh?

So as soon as the funds clear, ill be ordering the meds and booking my flights. Team Miracle will arrange my accommodation for me and ill pay once im there.

I cannot tell you how excited i am! not only do i think this is our best ever chance, but 2 friends are also starting their IVF cycles the same day as me, so ill have ladies to chat to about the symptoms etc. and fingers crossed (fc) we will all have babies at the same time, and they can be friends, and we can be yummy mummy’s that lunch!!! 🙂

As soon as i got that email, my appetite improved, as id been anxiously awaiting contact – its very annoying that my appetite is controlled by my state of mind, but ho hum! There’s still a lot to do between now and flying out, i need to get an electrician round, a plumber and arrange for a painter and decorator to do up the house. i need specialist IVF travel insurance, i need to order thousands of pounds worth of Euro’s…but that can all wait until after the weekend.

this weekend is my birthday celebration, i plan to have a few drinks for the second to last time before treatment, eat pate and steak before having to abstain for 9 months (PMA) and catch up with my friends. i need to let my hair down and remember there are other things to think about other than IVF and babies!

Speaking of babies – a colleague who is on mat leave brought in her 6 week old daughter today. there was only me in the office so i got to spend the whole time holding her – she’s a beaut! and very well behaved. As i looked down at her little face, i said to my friend ‘yep, definitely want one of these’! it wasn’t sad, or hard, it was natural and lovely. its the first time someone has just quite happily handed me their baby since my TFMR – i feel like people think ill steal their baby or something – its really got to me over the months – i don’t want your baby, i want my own baby!!! my friend said people are probably trying to protect me but before my TFMR people loved handing their children to me as I’m good with them and that seems to have gone away but hopefully now, it’ll go back to the way it was. Or ill feel less paranoid about it.

Seriously, im still bouncing off the walls about Cyprus – ha!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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