Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

So after receiving the protocol last week i then had to wait for funds to clear, which they did Saturday – huzzah!!
So i quickly booked my flights (£500 return for the both of us) as the cost was increasing daily and let clinic know that i was ready to pay for meds.

Clinic came back to me on Sunday to say all the injections could be ordered through them, and to pay £455 to their UK bank account, which i promptly did. The meds i need to induce a bleed have to be ordered separately through their preferred supplier but they said that clinic would email prescription to speed things along. So i placed my order, 75p per tablet plus £10 for postage, not bad, considering i thought id be paying £40

I sent my flight details to the clinic so they can arrange hotels and transfers for me and was fully expecting to have an email from the preferred supplier about the meds this morning. No such luck. I left it until about 10 minutes ago when i panicked and thought i should check on my order, good job i did!! Turns out i need to complete a questionnaire and pay a transcribing fee of £25 so they can fill the order. They had the prescription from Cyprus but have to get a UK doctor to generate one before they can fulfil the order, and thats what I’m paying £25 for, so ended up about £40 anyway!! Least its done now.

We’re also having some work on the house done, so i’ve had an electrician round today to quote for the work and they will be coming back tomorrow to complete the work, que me having to nip out for light fittings and light switches!!

Now i just need to find a painter and decorator and get all the materials for that sorted and this house, that we’ve been in 7 years, will finally be complete!

Ive also paid for my specialist IVF travel insurance, which was almost £120!!!! But normal policies don’t cover treatment abroad and should i end up with OHSS, last thing i want is not to be covered! I did have a mild case of this last time, which we managed at home, but on the day of transfer i still had a touch of it and id really like not to have it at ET this time as im worried it might cause it to fail!

The clinic will scan me before the trigger shot and so will know if I’m at risk of OHSS developing, i will be as I’m polycystic, and from there they can either adjust meds or give me a non hcg trigger shot to reduce the risk of it developing. I will be questioning the team about this throughly when i meet them for my scan!

So its busy busy busy here, but being busy makes the days go faster and takes us one step closer to baby creating!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


4 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. Seems like you are nearly there!!! So excited for you! Not sure if I could cope with all added stress of getting the house done though :(!!! xxx


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