Special Delivery….

Special Delivery….

So its been a panic stricken few days, wondering if id get my meds on time, but thankfully i received emails from both fertility2u and Team Miracle yesterday saying my meds had been posted…phew! So i stayed home this morning to await my special delivery….


Now this may seem a lot of medications, but honestly I feel its nothing compared to what ill be on after the transfer!!

So tomorrow morning (after taking a HPT, just to be sure) ill start on the Provera for 5 days to induce AF – all being well, she will arrive on 31/10/14 and then we get to jabbing from the 1st November!

My Mum loves the jabbing bit as you have to mix solvents and powders before injecting and she thinks we look like chemists when we do it – in my previous cycle, I had to mix and administer both Menopur and Cetrotide, but this time the Cetrotide is in a pre filled syringe so I just the add the powder and go. With Menopur you have to use 2 needles, one to mix (which is really massive and thick) and then you swap to the injecting needle (much finer). Hubby always has fun with this process, as the vials of solvent are glass and you have to break the top off (its meant to be fairly easy – flick the blue spot and then crack the top off) and he ALWAYS cuts himself at least twice when I’m stimming – but he like to help and we are in this as a team, so I try very hard not to laugh at him – it ain’t easy though (its worth noting that I’ve never cut myself and it really is quite simple!)

I’ve not got a sharps box but a work friend told me to put the used needles in a screw top bottle and take to the chemist for disposal – genius!

Now for a hiccup – we had chosen a hotel through the clinic but wouldn’t you know it, its fully booked, I don’t like the look of some of them and the ones I do like, are much too expensive through the clinic, so I did a little research and found it’d be much cheaper to book ourselves  – this does mean we would have to sort our own transport from hotel to clinic – but the hundreds I’m saving by booking myself should easily cover taxi’s – and if they are expensive, ill just have to rent a car wont I?

So….I’m officially back on the IVF train – Woo Woo – next stop Rainbow Baby Central

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


5 thoughts on “Special Delivery….

  1. Wonderful news! I hope u get af ( never thought I d say this to you!) So you can startvwith meds. Good to read that are saving money by booking hotel yourself xxx


  2. Toni, I’m so excited for you! I would be inclined in renting a car, so that you can get around freely. It’ll probably work out cheaper than taxis as well! xx


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