All aboard…choochoo

All aboard…choochoo

Just a very quick update to let you know that i started the Provera today. All being well i should see AF on the 31st! Shame i didn’t get a freebie BFP but i wasn’t expecting one, I’m ok with it as all being well I’ll be getting my BFP in 5/6 weeks!!!

I’ve also booked the airport transfers so I’ve done as much as i can from my end now….just need to make sure i have enough money for the meds when im out there, but ill ask clinic for a costing before i fly as im an anxious Annie!!!

Got a lovely weekend planned, my last taste of pâté and wine with a friend tomorrow and then over to see Mum on Sunday and then a WHOLE week off to get rid of this cold, catch up on my sleep and generally get myself ready for the roller-coaster that is IVF!!!

Oh and one of my IVF buddies got her BFP today, despite having a BFN on OTD (official test date). Im so over the moon for her, actual genuine joy, that I’ve not felt for people since losing Milo. Yes i was happy for them, but also jealous. Not this time. Maybe because I’ve started my journey, or maybe just because I’m genuinely joyful!

Anyone out there starting short protocol on 1st November? Always nice to have a cycle buddy!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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