Its all about timing…

Its all about timing…

Well today is the last day on Provera to induce AF. Im pretty sure shes on the way as i have a horrific case of PMS. Went round slamming windows shut yesterday, scaring the life outta my cats and hubby as it came from no where. Once id recognised it for what it was i was able to control myself, just! Ive noticed my PMS is much worse since having Milo, i used to get it maybe twice a year, and now its every other month, i have to say, I’m not a fan!

My appetite is certainly premenstrual too, was having a midnight snack last night and even considered ordering Dominos at 2.15am but they would’ve charged delivery as i couldn’t eat a medium on my own so didn’t spend enough and thats the only reason i didn’t! Im considering it for tea tonight though!

So it all comes down to timing now…will the witch arrive at the right time? Usually appears late the day before, so I’m expecting her on Thursday night in order to keep timings perfect! Can we all keep fingers crossed please?

On another note, I’m actually super relieved that its all out of my hands this month. What i mean is I’m not TTC naturally and the pressure is off.

The pressure of TTC naturally is immense – I’ve never really followed the boards on my forum for TTC naturally as i joined once we found out we had issues, but I’m following my ladies on the TTC after TFMR and the heartaches these ladies go through month after month, its cruel quite frankly. They are trying everything (vitamins, diets, OPKs, temping, the list goes on), having sex more than a porn actor, and then anxiously awaiting whether AF will show or not, only to be bitterly disappointed when she does.

I remember that from my early days TTC, how every month was devastating and confusing and i couldn’t work out why. It was actually a relief to be told there were fertility issues, at least it was some kind of answer. It also hardened me to AF and BFNs – having said that i take more HPT’s now than i ever did in the beginning, so maybe I’m just kidding myself, about not expecting to catch naturally, and I’m actually so neurotic i cant even see it?

However, it is nice to know its not down to us this month, its down to my trusted friend, science!

Ive been doing some reading, to familiarise myself with a fresh cycle, its been soooooo long i feel like such a newbie – and my mission is to prevent OHSS – so I’ve been compiling my Stims shopping list which consists of water, coconut water, complans, milk, protein and kale (pretty much only green veg i like). The coconut water is for electrolytes as i figure it has to taste better than powerade?! Complan i drink anyway as it adds a few hundred calories to my diet but also contains protein which is essential during Stims, and kale is a folate so good for baby making. There are hundreds of hints and tips, in fact it can become overwhelming so I’m picking the ones specific for OHSS and ones i know ill stick to.

One tip i came across that i wasn’t aware of first time round is adding salt to food and eating salty snacks – this will tickle my hubby and Mum as i berate them for adding salt to their food – all because the government says 6g a day is enough and when i heard that i looked at how much was in food already and it FREAKED me out! No particular reason, just me, following the rules, again. So when they see me adding salt, something i never do, well I’m going to get it in the neck aren’t i?! Hahahaha

Oh, and for anyone keeping track, i still haven’t heard from the NHS clinic!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


11 thoughts on “Its all about timing…

  1. It sounds like we have about the same timeline, except I am using a donor. The IVF drugs weren’t bad but I am sort of glad I don’t have to do that this time. Good luck and I hope you have an extra pressie under your tree for Christmas. 🙂


  2. Hi Toni
    I really enjoy reading your blog – it’s so good to know other ladies are going through the same thing. I’m about to start my first round of ivf and am very anxious about it. The last two years of ttc have been difficult. Your blog is beautiful to read.
    This probably isn’t the right place but I’ve been trying to join your cycle buddies forum but there’s something wrong with the website. I’ve had my computer whizz OH on the case and he thinks it’s a problem with the website. I’ve sent emails to the powers that be but with no reply. I really would like/need the support from the group so I’m not going mad on my own! Any chance you could help?
    Sorry to ask you here but I don’t know what else to do!


      1. Hi, thanks for replying! I’ve created an account, but as soon as I log in the screen goes blank. I’ve tried on an iPhone, two laptops and the app. I’ve also tried all the suggestions at the bottom of the newbies ivf forum too! (JavaScript, not Internet explorer etc.) The furthest I’ve got is being asked to choose a screen name, but then it says that a screen name cannot be added at this time and to try again later. I’ve been trying this for about 2 months! Grrr!! xx


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