Taylor Swift saved my cycle…

Its crazy but its true!


So i wake up this morning and i can feel AF is just round the corner but hadnt quite made an appearance!

On goes ‘Shake It Off’ and with it, i, do what can only be described as ‘twerking’, 15mins later, AF makes an appearance and im back on schedule!

Start jabs tomorrow evening and fly out in 8 days time!

Im super excited but apprehensive too. Hubby is going to fulfil my stims shopping list whilst i have lunch with a friend…spinach and avacado salad for moi!

Here we go…essentially our last chance for our own biological baby!

Wish us luck

love, Little Miss PMA


6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift saved my cycle…

  1. Enjoying the read Hun x I’m considering doing one. I’m going to cycle in serum so interested to see how you get on with ivf abroad. What plans do they have for your lining? Xxx

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      1. Hey lovely
        My lining doesn’t seem to respond to stimms oddly but I know everyone else seems to. I’m 6.5mm whatever I do. I spoke to dogus at fertility show yesterday and they said they only see linings of etx so good luck x sounds like they get positive results.
        I’ve decided on 3 trips to serum. 1st consultation and hysto, 2nd stimms and then I’m going to freeze all. 3rd frozen transfer. I’ve only had a bfp from frozen apart from my naturals so I think it will give me my best shot. Unless we get a crazy thick lining then we’ll prob put something back.
        Can’t wait to read your progress along the way xx good luck hunny . You deserve this so much xxx


      2. Hey

        Dont worry about lining, my only ever BFP came with a 5mm lining. The highest ive ever been is 7.5mm but that was following a pregnancy and with no meds, the next month it was 6.5mm with no meds. I honestly think a healthy lining will suffice. I take it youve tried raspberry leaf tea and milk and a load of vits aimed at lining…?
        Serum seem to make women v v comfortable, i just couldnt fault Dogus’ approach and ICSI as standard kinda sealed the deal as we are mostly MF.
        I was keen to do a freeze all in UK but nhs wouldnt agree to it. Im apprehensive about another fresh but i trust Dogus and have spoken to so many ladies who got their THB from them. Its a scary time but also feels positive to be taking control.

        Wishing you so much luck and babydust xx


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