How hard is it to open a glass vial!!!!?

How hard is it to open a glass vial!!!!?

The answer, VERY!!

So we are on day 2 of Stims and my word it is taking quite the effort to open the glass vials that contain the medication!! We have to open one solvent and 2 powders…

The one with the red and blue line is MUCH easier than the one containing the powder! The idea is you flick the blue or white dot a few times and then snap the top off….well thats the idea anyhow. The solvent is fairly easy although the top shattered today with shards of glass going everywhere!

As for the powders, well no amount of flicking and snapping worked so eventually i used the back of a knife to tap the dot and eventually the top snapped off. Hubby feels useless as he couldn’t do it (he usually opens the vials whilst i mix) but im pretty sure that the manufacturer is having a laugh at our expense, it cant be this hard, we must be doing something wrong!!

So once we eventually got into the vials, i then use a large needle and syringe to extract the solvent and put it into one powder, the powder dissolves and i then draw it up and deposit it into the second powder, and draw back up once dissolved!

Then, (you thought that was it didn’t you?!) i have to change the needle to a much finer and shorter needle and inject. The general rule of thumb is to ‘pinch an inch’, jab, release and push down on the plunger, but as you know, i have no inch to pinch, which makes it much harder.

So my method involves putting on a pair of tight trousers, sitting on the edge of the bath, leaning forward to create a ‘muffin top’ and then jab and inject.

However, today, tummy decided it wasnt playing ball!!! Took 3 attempts to get the needle in leaving me a lovely line of red dots…..


It will get quicker and easier as we get used to it, i keep telling myself that, and only 8 more days to go, of course we add a second jab in 3 days but fingers crossed, it wont be half as complicated!!

For now, practice makes perfect.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


2 thoughts on “How hard is it to open a glass vial!!!!?

  1. Holy smokes those bottles are totally different in the states!! All of mine had rubber seals I just poked the needle right through. I’m impressed by the all-glass vials! Seems much more hardcore.

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