New day, new me..

New day, new me..

Ive caught the positivity bug and i just made the PMA train before it left the station!!! Today i am feeling GOOD!!

A friend in real life who is currently cycling had her monitoring scan today and has more follies than ever before, this makes me so happy!!! It reminds me that we just have no idea what to expect on this crazy journey!

Its like I’ve woken up with a positivity virus (Red Dwarf fans will know what i mean here). I just feel great for no reason in particular.

I do have to tell you a funny story from last night though…

Im such a silly woman at times.

Last night i did injections on my own as Hubby was poorly. Menogon went beautifully, ampules all snapped easily and no blood when injecting. I was so proud. Then i went to do cetrotide after checking 3 times it was the right day. Put mixing needle on weird syringe, fell off, looked at instructions – all in greek.

Tried again got mixing needle to stick, put solvent in powder, withdrew and put mixing needle in sharps bin, remembered i needed to draw back up so had to fish it out of the sharps bin.

Reattached drew up, swapped needles, flicked air, got rid of it, went to inject and it all ran down my tummy, bloody needle wasnt attached properly so came out of syringe!!!!

Had to do a second one as pretty much all of it dribbled down my tummy and have had to email clinic to ask for more upon arrival!!!


Luckily its all sorted as i can collect from clinic Monday or Tuesday when i have my monitoring scan.

What a difference a day makes eh? Ive even had a card from my Grandma today wishing us luck, shes really got into the whole IVF thing and has all the dates on her calendar and asks loads of questions, impressive for a woman in her 70’s!!!

I hope the positive virus sticks with me over the next few weeks as I’m really enjoying not worrying about anything!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


2 thoughts on “New day, new me..

  1. Toni , I wish you all the best for Cyprus. I´m so happy to see that you´ve managed to get your PMA back. I have everything crossed for you. Safe journey tomorrow.

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