Im so impressed

Im so impressed

Today has been great!

I have to admit i did not sleep well at all last night and this morning woke up an anxious mess, couldn’t eat, was worried about changing money, getting to clinic.

I had a few mouthfuls of yoghurt and honey and a few bites of muesli before giving up!

We then had a wander into town to find a money exchange place and i told hubby I wanted to get a cab to the clinic. We booked at reception and then had a fabulous drink on the terrace. Its lemonade and mint, except really its lemon juice, water and fresh mint blended together and its gorgeous, already had another one this afternoon!

We sat around waiting for a taxi, i was in bits to be honest! The journey was fine until we hit the capital and then traffic was mad and i knew there was no way we could drive over here without me getting so anxious it’d be detrimental, so we are just going to cab it!

Once we arrived at clinic i was a bit disappointed not to see Julie who id been emailing as i thought a friendly face would calm me down. We were the only English patients at the time too so had no idea what was being said.

Then in walks Umit, the other co-ordinator, not at all like i imagined, but he introduces himself and i immediately feel a little more at ease. We are taken to Dr F’s office, such a lovely lady, with a very reassuring smile, who sits us down and tells me we shall do a scan. Off we pop, leaving hubby with Umit, for what was the quickest internal I’ve ever had! I can now recognise my ovaries and follicles and thought they looked good!

Dr F asked me if my insulin levels have been tested (no) and says she is going to test them as i may need metformin. She also says theres no reason i cant get pregnant! Im told i have 15 follicles at this stage and there is no evidence of overstimulation. WOOHOO!!! Id been dreading OHSS as you know!

We return to her office where she speaks quickly in Turkish to Umit who is scribbling notes and translating. I hear ‘polycystic ovaries’ in amongst the turkish and smile, Dr F stops and says, ‘you understand more than i think?’ So i tell her i know the word polycystic and she smiles and says i know too much!!
We are back again tomorrow, for repeat scan and bloods – to check progesterone and insulin levels. Ive been told not to worry about anything, to trust them (which i do), and enjoy the good weather.

I then broach the subject of hcg trigger shot (which they call hatching shot) and my concerns, I’m reassured that they will do whats best and that ill be given an IV after egg collection to help prevent any adverse effects! I ask about paying and hand over my money for treatment but we will pay for meds once EC is done and they know what exactly i need. Fine by me!

Umit and i swap numbers so i can Whatsapp him anytime with any questions. Im told we are very positive and things are looking great and sent on our way!

I cannot tell you how relieved i am to hear I’m not over stimmed, ill take a drop in egg numbers to prevent that! I feel so much more at ease now I’ve met the team and been to clinic.

We came back to resort and had a wander around the harbour, grabbed some lunch, which i ate, not all of it but more than I’ve eaten in a while, had another wander and then sat by the pool for a couple of hours.

I cant stop smiling, I’m so pleased with how everything is going! Onwards and upwards! PMA all the way!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


14 thoughts on “Im so impressed

  1. It all sounds great. I would be keen to try abroad for our next fresh go if it comes to it (still doing FETs at moment). Just sounds like they look into everything in much more detail. Hubby is putting foot down though as I got so ill with ovarian absess the first cycle and overstimmed 2nd cycle so he’s too worried about me getting ill again 😦

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    1. My hubby was so worried about ohss too as was i but they really have done all they can to reduce it. Im on low level stimms and this time in my last fresh i had 30plus follies, not 15 so shows its going right way.
      Having said that, FETs rock. My only BFP (to date, PMA) was a natural FET, even medicated is easier on your body than a fresh so fc youll not need to do a fresh again x


  2. I´m so pleased that you´re feeling reassured and confident in the care you´re been given in Cyprus. Wonderful. It seems, in spite of the nature of your trip, that you´re also able to relax a little. It can only be to your advantage if you take a chilled approach and use it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with DH.

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    1. First time this cycle im actually hopeful. Its such a difference to how things are done in UK and im so pleased i went ahead. Plus the nice weather is awesome. Very tired tonight so hopefully a decent nights sleep ahead! Thinking of you today though xxx


  3. This is such a lovely post to read, I am
    Glad you are feeling so positive – rightly so! Enjoy the sunshine and delicious drinks by the pool. I am keeping everything crossed for you both xxx

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