Ecstasy and Agony

Ecstasy and Agony

We were back at clinic yesterday for another scan and bloods. I was a lot more calm this time as i knew where everything was and who everyone was. Dr F was her usual happy self and laughed at me as i scooted out of the loo with a sheet wrapped round me. She told me i was funny and that she really liked me and hubby and said she wished all her patients were as smiley as we are!

After a quick internal she told me to hold off on menogon until the bloods were back but to go ahead with cetrotide as usual, she then had to dash off for someones egg collection! A nurse came and took my bloods, and Umit said he would whatsapp me later with the results and whether we would have the trigger shot (this matures the eggs ahead of collection). I mentioned to Umit that i was quite sick after sedation last time and he reassured me, it would only be light sedation and id end up talking nonsense to hubby afterwards, so fingers crossed i don’t embarrass myself by throwing up everywhere after i come round!

We returned to the hotel and by this point i was in a fair bit of pain….I’m very constipated (sorry, too much info or TMI but i said id be honest) so we had a little walk to a coffee shop to see if the caffeine would get things moving….I’ve been avoiding caffeine but i was desperate. Anyway i was so sore we had to come back to the hotel and spent the day watching DVDs as i could barely move!!,

At about 5 i heard from lovely Umit who told me Dr F wanted me to do menogon as well as cetrotide (evidently my bloods showed that my oestrogen levels were not too high, which was a relief as i had been worried about overstimulation) and that a nurse would be round at 9.30pm to administer my trigger.

So after doing my jabs and a quick dinner we returned back to the room to await the nurse who promptly arrived at 9.30, quickly mixed my medication (with such ease, you can tell shes a professional) and jabbed me in the booty, ouch!

So today, is drug free, woop woop, i should be enjoying myself but I’m still in agony so hubby has been to the pharmacy to get something to help me go…we really had no choice as i cannot move!!! Im currently awaiting it to take affect….30 minutes and counting. According to my friend, she had this problem on short protocol but felt better after egg collection so only 1 more day to go!

I got a bit hormonal after the trigger, when i say a bit, i mean a lot and told hubby off for always sleeping and leaving me on my own, this was after he got up to go to the loo after being asleep for an hr already, not to mention the naps in the taxi to and from clinic. I told him i felt like i was by myself most of the time and in the UK i cant say much as we have work etc but over here, theres nothing to get up for so why is he always asleep? I know i sound a bit harsh but I’m up till 4am worrying, or just not sleeping, whilst he’s snoring his head off and its getting a bit old and i just want to feel we are in it together. Anyway, he took my rant with good grace, as always, making me feel the fool, and promised to try to stay awake! I explained that if i try hold his hand or whatever whilst he’s falling asleep he moves it and i just want to feel connected even if he is in the land of nod, because i understand that most people cant just stay awake all night, that the insomnia is my issue but i just don’t want to feel alone in this.

I always feel very guilty after getting cross with him and i know it was mostly the meds talking but it had been on my mind all day so it came out! Ahhh well he’s a grown man, he can take it!

The weather is cooling rapidly here so I’m pleased we packed for autumn as soon it’ll be jeans and light jumpers everyday.

Early start tomorrow as need to be at clinic by 9am, ready to have my eggs collected! This is when it actually starts to get interesting. Oh and 2 of my real life friends I’m cycling with are also having excellent cycles, one has 17 follies and is having EC Friday, shes never had so many, so I’m super excited for her and the other is doing a natural FET and had her LH surge today so should be booked for egg transfer at a similar time to me which means we will all be in the 2 week wait together….they don’t know each other but its lovely for me to have the support hahahaha!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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