Egg collection day!

So after another bad night with no sleep and horrific stomach cramps, we rose early and set out to the clinic! On the way i saw a rainbow, no rain, just the sunlight refracting through the clouds, and again, i took it as a positive sign since we are trying to make our rainbow baby!

I was soooo thirsty being nil by mouth but luckily we were escorted to our private room very quickly where i undressed from the waist down and donned my fetching gown, hat and booties…

Im not sure what my arms are doing...

I had a canular expertly placed onto my already bruised arm and was asked to pee and remove my jewellery. I was then taken to theatre where i was hooked up to a BP machine, pulse monitor and my legs put in the oh so attractive, but kinda comfy, stirrups!!! (Dont judge me ;))

Dr F came in, asked if i was nervous? ‘not at all’, she laughed and then i was told we were to begin…i felt a cold sensation in my arm, said bye to Dr F and promptly fell asleep!

The 1st thing i remember was a nurse hooking me to an IV and asking if i was in pain…i was too doped to know if i was but within 10 minutes id come round and my uterus was a little sore so hubby asked for pain meds for me, que another jab in the booty!!

Hubby tells me we had a conversation before the nurse came in where i told him the sedatives were ‘some good shit’ and asked him if he knew how we had got on. I have no memory whatsoever of this.

Then my stomach spasms kicked in and they were agony!!

Umit came to tell us how we had got on…12 eggs collected! Woop! Much more sensible number than my previous 22 which led to OHSS! I have to admit im slightly worried it wont be enough but everyone here thinks ive done well so ill go with that! The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes, i was back from theatre before hubby had, ahem, you know, made his contribution!

We told Umit about my stomach cramps and explained my uterus was fine but the severe constipation was causing agonising spasms, he said he would arrange for me to have a jab and within 30mins, id be ‘cleared out’.

I was hooked up to another IV and given a menu to order from…best tomato soup ever!!! Despite the cramps!

Then comes the nurse with my injection, which is actually a gel that is inserted rectally…lovely, but it did the trick, the spasms have stopped!! Thank god, because seriously, i was in so much pain!!! Anyway, far too much info so moving quickly on!

I was given my post EC meds…antibiotics twice a day, estrogen 3 times a day and progesterone pessaries 3 times a day. Luckily the pessaries are half the size of those in the UK and no where near as messy! I have experienced a bit of spotting upon wiping but this is to be expected given whats happened today and im not worried.

We went back down to reception where i met Julie, the other patient coordinator who i dealt with whilst i was in the UK, and her and Umit’s son, Max! It was great to see her and thank her for everything. She’s ready to pop and told me Max was born in the room next to the one id just been in…how lovely!

Umit said he would be in touch tomorrow to give us a fertilisation report and would see me in 5 days for transfer. They seem hugely confident we will get to blasto so im taking my lead from them!

We returned to the hotel and spent the day relaxing as per Umit’s advice!

This evening ive managed to eat 2 courses and then hubby and i had a stroll by the harbour and sat having a (decaff) coffee by the castle


There were even blankets provided and free wifi so i Skyped Mum to update her on the progress. Hubby said its been his favourite part of the holiday so far, so,  we are going back tomorrow after going to the museum!

We both feel much more relaxed now the eggs are out as its all out of our hands now and we plan to enjoy the next few days as much as we can.

Im currently drinking alot of peppermint tea to help with the bloating  whilst watching a movie!

Today was a good day!

love, Little Miss PMA


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