We awoke early this morning, excited and apprehensive to find out whether our eggs and sperm had gotten jiggy over night! Well with ICSI they were forced to as this is when the sperm is actually injected into the egg rather than leaving them to their own devices.

We had breakfast and waited around for a couple of hours, but didn’t hear anything…as we were getting anxious we decided to have a walk around the castle, telling ourselves that by the time we returned we would know the numbers!

After the castle we had a bit of lunch and used the restaurants free wifi just in case, but nothing. Its verrry relaxed over here and i kept telling hubby, no news is good news!!! But we were getting antsy.

We decided to come and have a rest back at the hotel, and of course use the wifi, and I’ve just cracked, and whatsapp-ed Umit. The numbers are bloody fantastic….

Of the 12 collected, 11 were mature and therefore injected with a sperm, and of those 11, 9 have fertilised!!!! For you math whizzes out there, thats an 82% fertilisation rate, compared to our last go in the UK which was 62% – 21 mature eggs injected with 13 fertilising!

Hubby and i are over the freaking moon!!! We knew that coming here was a good idea, but its turned out to be even better than we thought!!!!

So now to leave them to it over the weekend and hope they continue to divide normally, i think on Sunday, all being well, the assisted hatching will be performed (where they pierce the shell of the embryo to allow it to hatch more easily) and hopefully transfer will take place on Tuesday at day 5.

For now, I’m just to prepare for transfer by continuing my meds…heres a little pic of what I’m on…


So the yellow and red ones are the antibiotics, this stops any infection and dries up any liquid in the uterus, making it cosy for transfer. The white ones are the progesterone pessaries and the blue ones oestrogen to thicken the lining.

We cannot stop grinning, I’ve already made up a little song (i do this a lot) willing them to stay strong for Mummy and Daddy!

Happy happy happy.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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