Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

So after hearing the fertilisation rates, we’ve had no contact with the clinic.

I thought id find this really hard being the control freak that i am but honestly, its been great. Hubby and i have had a lovely few days actually feeling as though we are on holiday. We’ve taken it steady, just wandering round the harbour, having long lunches.

The 15th was a national holiday here – Republic Day – so we spent the day in a cosy cafe, watching the military drive past. Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful, so we all crammed into a tiny space to keep dry, which was nice as it was like a mini community, all bunkered in together!

We also had a DVD day yesterday as the weather wasn’t great, which really helped settle the sore feeling id been experiencing in my uterus/pelvic region.

We woke today to a fantastic day, bright blue sky, sun shining, so took the opportunity to do some shopping for my Mum and brother and again have a long lunch in the harbour and a coffee by the sea. Its been lovely!

Ive just now heard from the clinic, I’m to be there by 10am for embryo transfer, whoop whoop! Still no update on the embies, but thats the norm here, and we know we have at least one to transfer otherwise we wouldn’t be going in! Hubby is confident we will have a least 3 and if I’m honest, so am i but I’m not counting my embies just yet. I have to say I’m feeling very excited, and just know I’m going to get emotional when I’m there. Ill miss Umit and Dr F!

I am looking forward to coming home though too, miss my family, my cats and my bed! Plus I’m excited to see the house all newly decorated!

This time tomorrow ill be PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) and i cannot freaking wait!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


10 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the big day!!!

  1. Yay, what a lovely post! Good luck for tomorrow – I have positive feelings about this one 😃 I look forward to hearing the good news about your progress on the buddies board tomorrow. Lots of love xxx

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