Im officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise or PUPO!

Im officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise or PUPO!


Where to begin?! Its been such a magical day!

We arrived at clinic at 10am, were shown to our room, and given a list of do’s and don’ts to read through whilst we waited for Dr F. She was performing a c-section and it was over running but we kept busy watching the world go by and speculating about how the embies were getting on.

Umit kept popping in and apologising, bless him, but there was no need, we knew the c-section took priority!

At about 11.30 Umit came in to update on the embies, Dr F was still in surgery. He started by telling us we had 2 grade A blastocysts. In all honesty i was disappointed, i wanted at least 3, but then he smiled and told us we also had 2 early blastocysts (they were a little slow). Oh the elation, hubby and i were over the moon.

4 of the 9 fertilised had made it to day 5, we didn’t care that 2 were a little slow, we were over the moon. Umit told us they would put all 4 back, as 2 were a little behind and that we had a 25% chance of multiples. We were both OK with this, we’d like twinnies.

Another half hour passes and Umit lets us know that Dr F is now doing Egg Collection as thats time sensitive. Having been through this process twice, im well aware of the constraints after a trigger shot but i was starving so we ordered lunch.

I was also advised to do my pessary and given a suppository (which i think is meant to stop the uterine wall contracting making implantation easier) as we had been delayed and they didnt want my levels to drop. The things i do for babies, hahaha!

Straight after lunch i was taken to theatre, i was already in my oh so attractive theatre gown, and as i set off hubby had to quietly tell me that my ass was on show, oops! I took my phone as hubby isnt allowed in over here.

5 minutes later, my 4 embies were transferred…


I was then wheeled back to my room and instructed to lay flat for 2 hours! Umit came in with all the drugs, its a massive bag full, and talked us through the proluton and fraxiparine. Hubby will have to do the Proluton as it goes in my ass cheek!

He then casually mentions that as we had been waiting so long, the 2 slower embies were now full blastocysts!!!! I sat up in shock and was quickly told to lay down…never in our wildest dreams did we expect this, never. Im still in shock!

I cant thank Team Miracle enough, in 10 short days they have done more than my old clinic did in 2.5 years! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Despite having a very full bladder, i managed to hold out for the 2 hours so i didn’t have to use the bed pan and then we came back to the hotel, with each staff member wising us luck!

Ive been exhausted ever since, perhaps the meds (fraxiparine and proluton were administered by a nurse before i left) have taken their toll or just lying down for 2 hours made me sleepy, i don’t know, it might just be because their is a ‘litter’ inside me now (our current name for the embies)!

Our official test date, is the 30th Nov. which happens to be our wedding anniversary 💑 👰 💞

Sadly no where is open to do bloods on a Sunday so ill book a private beta Hcg test for 1st Dec.

Until then I’m just going to enjoy the PUPO bubble and dream a little dream!

Love, Little Miss PMA (and litter) xxx


14 thoughts on “Im officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise or PUPO!

  1. Wow wow wow! I don’t really understand all the Ivf stuff but this sounds so incredibly amazing. Still keeping everything crossed for you and your litter xxx

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