3 days down…

3 days down…

So we are 3 days past a 5 day transfer (3dp5dt) or 8 days post ovulation in non IVF terms!

Im feeling really good, although have to admit, had a massive wobble on Wednesday night when we got home!!

We had the house decorated whilst away and i thought id come home to a lovely tidy house, perfectly decorated, which in essence it was, but the mess had me in tears, dust over everything, paint fumes so strong they gave me a headache and made me dizzy, meaning we had to sleep in the spare room (i was SO looking forward to my own bed) We had to do an emergency clean before i could inject, and i cried more than once thinking it was all over. Hubby had to repeatedly tell me to calm down and sit down, which i eventually did whilst he cleaned round me!

By next day i realised id over reacted and the team came to do finishing touches and clean up, by the time they left i was really pleased with the results.

We then went and collected the cats from my Mum’s, she’s full of an infection so i couldn’t actually go in and see her, but we talked through the window, whilst hubby chased the cats around and put them in their travelling cases.

Once we had them home, i felt much better as the family was back together, with the added bonus of the house being newly decorated!

I was so tired last night, i fell asleep before taking my aspirin, prenatal and folic acid tablets (i had them this morning), this is very unlike me, to be that tired! We woke early this morning, still on Cyprus time i think, and had some breakfast and watched TV in bed, before i promptly fell asleep again for 2 hours…very unusual….i reckon the litter are zapping me of energy, or at least thats what I’m choosing to believe!! That or the fact i was back in my own bed, finally!!

I eventually managed to get myself in the shower and dressed for the day before hubby and i went out for lunch and did a little shopping, i got a new coat….its fricking freezing!!! I also confirmed my beta Hcg appointment on 1st December with a private GP, so everything is in order now!!

I have been struggling to have a BM (sorry TMI) due to the progesterone i think, although this morning i did make some progress in that area, problem was, pessary came away almost whole, despite being administered 2 hours earlier. Decided to do another as didn’t look like id absorbed much. They are delightful! Rather that than another daily injection though, and i am so grateful for their small size compared to the UK ones!!!

Im ignoring any ‘symptoms’ im having as i think they may be related to this little lot…


I must admit though i am enjoying my new found appetite. Ive decided not to do anything special this time, like brazil nuts, pineapple core etc etc (both of which are meant to aid implantation) as i figure the drugs will take care of that! Im just eating healthily, drinking plenty (decaf tea tastes weird again, but im ignoring it and figuring its because i didnt drink any in Cyprus so ive forgotten what tea tastes like!) and keeping warm, especially my tootsies…


I feel very much at ease at the moment, blissful almost, and hoping it’ll continue, i do love my PUPO bubble. One tiny concern is the jab into my bottom tomorrow, the needle is HUGE!!!! I saw the nurse at clinic changed the needle for a smaller one, but i wasn’t given a smaller one so I’m a little apprehensive to say the least, ill keep you posted!

For now, I’m going back to my Sky planner and Jaffa cakes!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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