Infertility Myths: 5 things that the Babied say to the Babyless

I really like this post as it sums up in a funny way just how i feel sometimes!

Welshkelly's Blog

1) Myth: Have more sex and you’ll be cured.

Truth: Those of us who struggle with our fertility aren’t frigid. Nor do we have learning difficulties. We are fully aware that babies don’t get dropped by a daredevil stork with a bandana. Our man could rub up against us enough times for his willy to produce a kindly genie in a turban, and for our fannies to actually fall off, and it still wouldn’t result in conception – if we have fertility issues.

2) Myth: If you give up wine/coffee/peas/soya/rhubarb (the list of unofficial contraceptives I’ve been warned of is endless), it’ll happen.

Truth: One word. Heroin.
People have healthy babies on a diet of Heroin for breakfast, Heroin for lunch, and Heroin for dinner. So forgive me if I struggle with believing my toffee-nut latte is going to be putting Durex out of business any time soon.

3) Myth:…

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