7 days down….4 to go


A week ago today, the litter were transferred! Its flown by in all honesty, which i didn’t expect.

I went back to work today and as always, it was nice to be there, i do love my job! Problem was, hubby didn’t pack me enough food!

I ate my porridge upon arrival, and then tucked into Jaffa cakes…at 10.30 i was offered a cuppa soup, i declined thinking there would be ample in my lunch box, i checked, there wasn’t, so had the cuppa soup!

I then clock watched for 12pm (whilst working) so it was acceptable to devour my sandwich and 2 bags of crisps. Then i was out of food 😪

Only problem I’ve had is serious indigestion whenever i eat, which is a problem, as i want to eat ALL the time. Ive also had some cramping today and the right hand side of my groin is aching…I’m not worried, in fact I’m seeing it as a positive!

Oh and I’m now covered in what i call ‘progesterone acne’ its all over my upper-back, shoulders and chest….delightful but also reminiscent of my last pregnancy….but of course I’m taking a lot of progesterone so probably linked to that.

Other than that, im tired now, at 5.30pm and had a few bouts of light-headiness since getting home so i shall sign off and possibly nap…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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