Seeing pink….

Seeing pink….

So a little update! Im now 9dp5dt, its been 2 weeks since my eggs were collected….dunno where the time has gone in all honesty!

Ive still no urge to test, just enjoying being PUPO!! More than happy in my little bubble!

I did have a mini panic last night…there was a spot of pink on the toilet paper upon wiping (TMI). If i had read this on my forum i would have been all ‘don’t worry, its implantation, as long as its not heavy, red, and accompanied by cramps, you’ll be fine, see it as a positive’

But of course, i cant take my own advice so got very upset! It really was nothing to worry about but in the two week wait last thing you want to see is anything remotely pink or red. I did my evening pessary and there wasn’t anything further despite going up ‘there’!

I must point out that i know ladies who have had heavy bleed and still gone on to get a BFP (big fat positive) so this tiny little bit of spotting really is nothing, but the shock of it made my brain over react!

On the plus side, i was keen for hubby to do the devil juice jab, something id been dreading all day, as i know the progesterone holds any potential pregnancy in place.
It stung a bit last night but only as i was tense, we did it after the spotting so i guess i was holding everything in, however after rubbing the area like a mad fool, I’m pleased to report the ass to ankle pain was significantly reduced.

I woke this morning, not the rage induced devil i expected, but calm and well rested (will continue to the devil jabs at night now) and pleased to find there was no further spotting! Phew!

On my drive to work, (which is currently taking anything up to 1hr 15mins usually 8mins but they’ve closed a load of roads, don’t even get me started, I’m well annoyed!!!) i found myself to be incredibly hungry, this is NOT the norm for me, so must be the babies, luckily todays trip was only 45mins so they didn’t have long to wait until i could feed them porridge!!

I was still spotting but it was brown, which means its old, and thats good!

And then my blood pressure dropped. Not as dramatic as it sounds, i just go a bit weak and wobbly, and spacey! Now i know it was my blood pressure as i had the exact same thing when i was 6 weeks pregnant with Milo….so its happened a lot earlier this time, but its another sign that this has probably worked! I have low BP anyway but as the GP said last time, better to have low BP than high in pregnancy.
The way to recover is not move much and drink plenty of fluids. Luckily a colleague was there and kindly brought me a jug of water.

Now I’m a bit of a water snob, in that i cannot stand tap water, (usually drink bottled) so i HAVE to add cordial and even then I’m very aware its not bottled and can taste the chemicals….weird but true….anyway i digress…

So I’ve spent most of the day moving around the office as little as possible and when i had to, moving slowly!

My appetite is still unending, instead of eating and becoming full, i just seem to have a bottomless pit….one of my favourite symptoms as you’ll know from my previous posts about Anorexia….i just love being able to eat without pain or getting full stupidly fast. Ive grazed all day really….and the weight is already going on….will weigh myself next Monday to see how much more I’ve gained.

Ive had to undo the top button on my trousers already…eek!!!

I am really starting to believe that we will be getting a BFP come Sunday, and I’m going to feel like such a fool if we don’t as i have no other explanation for whats going on, other than I’m having a phantom pregnancy. But in 5.5yrs I’ve managed to successfully avoid that so please please let this be it, let there be a real baby or babies (!) in there!

Anyway my sleepy time is upon us, and i must do all i can to resist so i sleep OK tonight!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


9 thoughts on “Seeing pink….

  1. Glad the spotting seems to have stopped – what a huge stress! Keeping everything crossed for you for Sunday. I think I’d want to keep my head in the sand and stay pupo in your situation too – it’s all sounding good though! Xx

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