The results are in….

The results are in….

So the day we have been eagerly awaiting (or dreading) has arrived. Ive had fairly broken sleep as you can imagine and was horrified at 12.45am when i had to pee….what if my morning pee wasn’t concentrated enough for the test!???

I was worried i wouldn’t remember to do it at 5am, so my Mum suggested leaving the test on the closed toilet seat, meaning id have to pick it up, genius right?

So at 5.07am i cursed my bladder for waking me so early, knowing full well i wouldnt be going back to bed, and with unfocused eyes i POAS (pee’d on a stick)

Within seconds i had my result…..


There still a long road ahead, but right now, I’m PREGNANT with our RAINBOW baby!!!! Wow!

Love, Little Miss (preggers) PMA xxx


30 thoughts on “The results are in….

  1. omg!!!!! yay!!!!! I am really genuinely happy for you both! It has been such an emotional journey and feel privileged to have been able to follow you. I hope the next 9 months are really boring. xxxx

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  2. Congratulations hun, so so pleased for you! What a wonderful anniversary present! Looking forward to following the rest of your journey. Look after yourself and just enjoy it! X x

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  3. Wow! I know we haven’t met but reading your blog I feel I’ve gotten to know this very private side of you, a side you’ve shared with humour, insight and raw honestly and I’m in awe of you.
    Congratulations again! I very much look forward to reading your next installment.
    Mim xx (cassiesmummy79)

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  4. Another one here who you don’t knew but I’ve come across your blog and just wanted to say congratulations and wish you a super smooth journey with your rainbow baby xxx

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