Too much, too soon?

Too much, too soon?

Today I’ve done the majority of my xmas shopping, huzzah! I hate shopping, but as hubby was off work today too i figured we should head over to the local shopping centre and get as much done as possible. Less than 3 hours later, we are home with the majority of gifts bought, plus we had a nice lunch too….which i inhaled, much to hubby’s amusement!

Anyway, on to my main reason for posting….announcing the pregnancy. My blog is attached to my twitter and Facebook accounts so it is now public knowledge that I’m pregnant….the general rule of thumb is to hold off announcing until 12 weeks gestation. Here’s why I’ve chosen to ignore that ‘rule’…

1. We held off announcing until 12 weeks last time and sadly the pregnancy ended at 21 weeks anyway. They say not to share details of your pregnancy before 12 weeks in case of miscarriage, but in my eyes, id want and need the support of friends and family if that were to happen.

2. Im DETERMINED to enjoy this pregnancy. I spent the first 16 weeks with Milo in utter disbelief, shock and a state of high anxiety. By the time i actually settled down and got excited, i only had 4 weeks before we were given his diagnosis. There is no way hubby and i want it to go that way again, so better to enjoy it with family and friends from the word go.

3. This blog. I promised id be open and honest when i started it, and if i just neglected to mention the fact i was pregnant it’d kinda negate the whole point wouldn’t it? Plus everyone i know in real life/virtually knows about our IVF and trying to conceive journey anyways, ill happily talk about it to anyone that will listen, so i know everyone was waiting for the result as they want to share our journey. This makes me happy!

I know I’m going against the grain, but I’ve never been one for following the crowd. Im so lucky to have so many people invested in this pregnancy and I’m so excited to share it with them, so I’m gonna!!

Ive spoken to my bereavement team today, who are thrilled for us and have promised to get in touch with my consultant to arrange an early appointment and scan! Eeek!


My bloods are back, I’m 13 days past a 5 day transfer, or 18 days post ovulation and beta Hcg is 813.4.

Sounds good to me but ill wait to hear from Team Miracle….who have come back to say they suspect strong TWINS!!!!!! 🙊😍😱🙀👌👏💕💕💕💕

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


9 thoughts on “Too much, too soon?

  1. Hi, I am so utterly delighted for you. I’ve recently just started following your blog after you left me a message on baby centre about not giving up hope. Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. You have really given me hope –
    I so desperately hope that when I take my test on Saturday it will be positive
    Once again fantastic news and truly delighted for you xx

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    1. Oh you are so welcome hun. Never give up lovely, i started this blog in the hope it would give people hope and strength so this comment means the world to me. Keep smiling and keep up the PMA xxx


  2. Love this post and I’m totally with you!! I’m booked in for a Beta HCG blood test but I’ve decided to keep the exact date of that a secret ‘just in case’. But once we do know it definitely won’t be a secret…for all the reasons you touch on. We kept it quiet last time and I felt so isolated. This time I’m soaking up the love, support and good vibes and the feeling is amazing…even if I am only PUPO at the mo! xx

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    1. Thank you hun. I soooo wanna enjoy this pregnancy and thankfully right now im able to remember that every pregnancy is different and we are so thankful to have a second chance xx


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