Better do this whilst im awake!

Better do this whilst im awake!

So as i have Mondays off work, i will attempt to blog every Monday as i shouldn’t be as tired!

I have put on a quarter of a pound this week, bringing me to 7st 11lbs and 3/4! (Although when i weighed myself after a cup of decaf tea and some Jaffa cakes, I’d apparently gained another 3/4 of a pound?!) im pretty happy with that given how much I’m eating!!

With my last pregnancy i craved chip shop chips and green veg!


Anyone who knows me, knows how much i hate veg, so it was pretty amusing to watch me eat a bowl of curly kale and garlic like it was going out of fashion!

This time my preferred choice seems to be baked beans, cheese and Worcestershire sauce…


I have it on jacket potatoes or toast, and i cannot get enough if it!! Baby(ies) must be craving protein so I’ll give them what they want! That’s enough of the food photos….making me hungry again!

As it’s been a week since my last clear blue test with conception indicator i did another with my second pee of the day…


As im 5 weeks and 4 days, that is pretty bang on and shows my hcg is rising nicely!

The bloat has already kicked in producing a faux bump


Thats in the morning too so it’s about twice the size of an evening! I’m even rubbing it like it’s a bump but as baby(ies) are only the size of a sesame seed, there’s no way it can be a proper bump, plus i can bend and bring my legs up without there being anything in the way, so i KNOW its not! I do carry rather big though, we know this from Milo and they say with your second, and subsequent pregnancies, you start to show faster as the tummy muscles are no longer as taut, so I’m expecting to be even bigger this time, and if it is twins….well….i dread to think!!!!

We spent an hour at the local walk in centre on Saturday as i was worried i had a water infection (UTI). Turns out I’m fine, but with Milo i had one for weeks without realising so i guess I’m a little paranoid! I think the nurse practitioner thought i was an hysterical IVF Mum too! I’m really not, it’s just i don’t know how to recognise an UTI!!! Anyways, I’m all good, woohoo! I do have back ache from the progesterone but other than that i feel fine!

Im going to change GP surgery today, i just can’t face dealing with the horrid receptionists at mine, should i need them during this pregnancy. I also think waiting 2 weeks for an appointment isn’t ideal and the new one have a telephone triage system and the website says, if after triage you need an appointment, its usually the same day so thats promising! As i think most of my prenatal care will be done with the hospital, I’m not too worried about the change causing any problems.

So a lovely relaxing day today just doing light housework, and maybe popping to the shops after visiting the new surgery to register later. No word from the hospital regarding my early scan and appointment but still very relaxed about all that!

Oh, and last devil jab tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Best get myself some lunch now, TTFN

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


6 thoughts on “Better do this whilst im awake!

  1. Those beans on the potatoes look delicious! Glad you are feeling good, I can sense that positive PMA all the way across the pond here! Looking forward to following your journey. I recognize you from the Baby centre forum I believe…wishing you a H&H 9 months!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im defo active on babycentre so you probs have seen me!! I so want to enjoy this one, after struggling to accept i was pg with my angel baby, its lovely to be so chilled.
      Just had a bacon bagel….oh my god, stunning! Haha!! Thanks so much for the lovely words!

      Liked by 1 person

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