Save the date….


So this is a really quick post, ill explain why below.

Firstly though….Today i woke up to a letter from the hospital, we have a scan date….5th Jan 2015, 2 weeks today!!! Ill be 9 weeks 4 days (9+4) so should be plenty to see. Its not so much an ‘early’ scan i guess, but it is too early to perform the Downs Syndrome screening so ill have to have another one within 4 weeks….yay!

So lets take a poll, how many do we think have stuck? Im still saying its twins, but id love to hear what you think….i had 4 blastocysts transferred and my beta at 13 days past a 5 day transfer or 17 days past ovulation was 814.3…comment below!

The reason for the short post? There is something odd going on with my inner ear and even looking down to type is causing me to feel off kilter, like I’m on a boat almost. It started a few days ago but i just felt like i was on a plane, like the pressure in my ears wasn’t quite right, this morning however, i woke up and couldn’t walk in a straight line, moving my head gives me the oddest sensations.

Im booking a GP appointment for later, but need hubby home to drive, as i don’t think its a good idea i get behind the wheel.

Ill post a proper update when i can look down for longer, until then, get guessing on how many babies we will see in 2 weeks!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


16 thoughts on “Save the date….

  1. Miss PMA, I reckon twins too! It sounds like you have an ear infection. Get it sorted straight away. Fantastic news about the scan! You’ll have loads to see by then! xx

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  2. My beta on 17 dpo/13dp 5dt was 960 and I am confirmed just having one. I think you could go either way. I say one or two. Have you checked out yet? It put me on the top of the twins curve, but I am only having one so it’s not completely accurate, but still super fun to play around with. Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. It sounds like you might have labyrinthitis – I know that sounds like a made up thing but it feels like you’re drunk/on a boat….
    Can’t wait to hear how many babie are on board – however many there are, I hope they are super healthy! Xxx

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  4. So pleased you finally got your dre through!!! I’m going with twins too…my beta was 403 with twins at 10dp5dt(FET) so think it sounds similar especially when it doubles every couple of days! Xxx

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