The waiting is finally over….

The waiting is finally over….

Firstly my apologies, i did not post last Monday and i have had a couple of comments about my tardiness πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒ

So today was scan day!!!! As it was a mid afternoon appointment we had a very lazy morning. I woke up at the crack of dawn however, so made us a cuppa and then managed to nap.

We set off in good time knowing that parking at a hospital on a Monday could potentially be horrendous and we didn’t want to be stressed or late. We were early!!! I dutifully drank 2 pints of water even though i suspected an internal scan.

We checked in at reception and were sent to the scanning department reception, who then sent us to antenatal as we were having our scan there. That was nice as meant waiting quietly without hordes of people….there are some advantages to being high risk….the other benefit being we were seen bang on time.

We were taken to the dimly lit room and introduced to our sonographer. I forget her name but she was lovely. We had a screen each meaning we got a great view. I was asked how far along i was and she suggested we try an abdominal scan first…yay! Always nice not to have to get half naked in front of strangers!! We explained i had 4 embryos transferred. She put the cold gel on my lower tummy and had a quick look around and then focussed in…..


There was our little jelly baby!!! Heart flickering away like a mad thing, lying on its back without a care in the world!!!

1 greedy jelly baby (new nickname) on board!!!!

She then moved onto my ovaries which are still slightly swollen from being stimulated. The left is worse than the right, measuring in at 48cc with a 2.5cm cyst….nothing to worry about as they are shrinking and cause me no pain now!

We asked for 3 pictures, one for each grandma and one for us and then went back to the waiting area whilst the pictures and report were prepared.

We discussed how we felt….both really happy with one as means we can get more choice of prams (the things that we think of eh?) and of course its better for me and baby to have a singleton as less risk! Other than the heart risk of course.

We paid for our photos and went back to the antenatal clinic to meet our consultant. I provided a sample, I’m ever so good at not peeing on my hand now!! We were called through and met a registrar of our consultant. She looked over the scan report and we discussed future care. There has been some confusion about booking in with the midwife (where you get your notes, everyone kept asking for them but of course i don’t have them yet) so it was agreed i would be sent a booking appointment to coincide with my 12 week scan as we want the nuchal screening, and another peek at Jelly Baby. However, if after 20 weeks the baby is healthy (fingers crossed) we will be discharged from consultant care and become ‘normal’ again….which is lovely as means more birthing options….although ill stick to a hospital birth as want pain relief and as much as i can get hahaha, plus i know where everything is now and that settles me!!!

So we await our booking in appointment letter and possibly the nuchal scan date along with it. But for now we are very happy parents to be.

Welcome Greedy Jelly Baby, we cant wait to me you. Oh, by the way, its greedy because we are measuring a day ahead and Jelly Baby seems to have eaten the other embryos!!!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


19 thoughts on “The waiting is finally over….

  1. Congrats to you both. I too am an IVF mummy to be. Our Jellybean is due in July. You have been a great source of information and reassurance. Thanks you! πŸ™‚

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  2. Huge congratulations! I had a feeling there was just the one greedy bean in there but didnt want to dampen anyone’s spirits – glad its all looks good at the minute. I am predicting that its a “she” jelly baby. I can’t imagine how thrilled you must be. What a deserving couple too xxxx

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  3. WOOOO HOOOO what awesome news…a pink jelly baby on board πŸ™‚
    I’m so pleased for you – the journey begins here!!! Bring on the sickness and cravings pahahahaha…lovely reassuring signs that you’re pregnant πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Im not sick weirdly. I am exhausted however so defo pg!! I think itll have to be yellow as we wont find out gender til the birth…love a surprise lol. Thanks so much for the support xx


  4. 2nd attempt at a post….

    Congratulations again!!!!! 🎊

    Hope the sickness stays at bay and your energy levels increase soon.

    Awaiting the next installment. Xxxxxx

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  5. It has been lovely reading your story so far I hope this happiness and health continues.

    Great insight info.
    Soon to be starting ivf.
    First appointment next week.
    feeling ever so nervous

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