Blatant promotion!!!!

Blatant promotion!!!!


So a bit of blatant promotion for the blog today. Ive created a new Facebook page for Confessions of Little Miss PMA (go me!) and if you would like to, you can like the page and be notified of new updates, interact and leave messages there.

Click here to be taken direct to the page!

For those of you have already liked the page, thank you so much and i hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


5 thoughts on “Blatant promotion!!!!

  1. Ive just discovered your incredible blog – massive congratulations on your rainbow baby!! We’re just starting our ICSI journey, your story is so inspiring. Here’s hoping for a happy ending like yours x

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  2. How was your scan and booking appointment today? I meant to send you a good luck message yesterday but had a manically busy weekend! Look forward to seeing a pic if your little bean. Xx


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