Will it always be this way?

Will it always be this way?

Will i ever look forward to a scan again? Or will they always fill me with dread?

I slept late today knowing full well I’ll struggle to sleep at all tonight as I’ll play every outcome over and over again in my mind.

Hubby’s trying to hide his anxiety but we are both on tenterhooks, wondering what bad luck will befall us tomorrow. I cannot see a positive outcome, I’m only wondering HOW bad the news will be.

We have come to a decision that we will continue the pregnancy if baby has Downs.

But, what if i cant fix whatever is wrong? What if its another ‘incompatible with life’ situation?

What will the breakdown of the blood results show? I feel so ill informed but daren’t look into it online as i think ill scare myself even more.

We went to the local supermarket yesterday, there was a baby event on and i asked hubby if he thought we would ever get to buy anything for this one.
He said the saddest thing…”if not now, then one day.”

Will it always be this way?

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


16 thoughts on “Will it always be this way?

  1. Crossing all the fingers and toes for you, my friend. It’s ok that you don’t feel positive right this second. You’ve been through a LOT. And that’s what all of us are here for — to feel positive for you when you can’t. I’m still big-time betting on your odds! Hugs and love to you.


  2. Stay positive, I really believe it’s going to happen for you. It won’t always be like this. When you hold your baby in your arms this will become a distant memory. You are an inspiration to so many people and you deserve happiness and I really think you will get there
    My friend had a suspected downs baby and gave birth to healthy baby boy. Stay positive, I know it’s hard xx

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