A Little Victory

A Little Victory

Today we had a detailed scan to look for further abnormalities, as im only 14 weeks tomorrow, everything is still really tiny, but the specialist scanning equipment in fetal medicine are amazing.

So we arrive at the hospital and meet with the screening midwife who goes off to prepare my notes, then we are called in by a lovely doctor. Full of cold, but cheery and instantly puts me at ease.

I lay down and he tells me to take my belly button bar out so i don’t hurt his machine, and we have a little chat about whether ill use a pregnancy bar etc. etc.

At the end of the table is a HUGE TV for us to watch baby on, and so we begin. This doctor has skill, he’s flashing about all over the place taking measurements. Hubby and i both notice that the nuchal measurement is now 3.47mm. Doctor comments on how baby ‘is really going for it’, nodding their head and kicking their legs, i comment that baby doesn’t like being poked with the scanner wand and the doctor laughs. He also commented that as baby has his head back, it made the nuchal fold look thicker and that he would like to see baby put their head forward, but baby didn’t! Doctor said it was nothing to worry about, asked us if we wanted pics (3 please) and finishes up.

I clear off the gel and we are put in a counselling room, thankfully not the same one as we were put in after Milo’s detailed heart scan

The pictures are much nicer this week…


Baby has grown 9mm in 8 days too, nearly 8cms from top of head to bum!

In comes the doctor and he starts by drawing a diagram. I practically heard me and hubby both think uh-oh but he’s just giving us a basic biology lesson about how all babies have this fluid round them in the early stages and how it has been determined it can be linked to Downs.

He explains that it is measuring lower this week but not to read too much into that as it can fluctuate and they do have to go off the original measurement, but hubby and i are secretly gleeful! He goes through what else it could indicate; heart defects, genetic disorders, higher miscarriage rate…

He says that everything else looks normal and how it should at this stage casually stating the heart has 4 chambers…hubby and i practically fall off the sofa at this point. Doctor looks confused until we mention our lat pregnancy and then the penny drops. We are warned that things still might not wire up right, and that he cant see valves etc. but OMG there are 4 freaking chambers!!!!!!

We agree that we will have the next scan in 2 weeks as planned but that the doctor from today will perform the anomaly scan rather than one of the sonographers, which is reassuring and means we will see baby on the big screen again!

Hubby is brave and asks how the risk factor was calculated, we are told it’s based on age, weight, how baby was conceived, nuchal measurement and blood results. He said my age wasn’t a huge factor as I’m young (yay me), that IVF makes us high risk across the board and then looks into my blood results….on their own my risk factor would have been 1 in 760 but with the added NT of 4.4mm, we arrive at 1 in 11. This is a massive relief to us both as we were worried the bloods would show possible indicators too. We mentioned we were having the Nifty test and he seemed really pleased and was keen to know results, which of course we don’t have yet.

The doctor left at this point and the midwife went through my booking results, I’m storing iron well but its a little low in my blood, so i need to eat more green leafy veg and nuts and dried fruits….nuts and veg i should manage but cant see me enjoying dried fruits!

To say we left feeling lighter, is an understatement, we are still at risk and understand all the caveats but we cant help but feel more positive. Ive actually got excited a couple of times today and had to reign it in, 6 more weeks till we are truly out of the woods, but i do believe we might have a take home baby. I kinda think Nifty will come back low risk now too. Its kinda nice to believe its going to be OK. Im sure the nerves will kick in big style as we approach the 16 week heart scan but for now, sighs of relief all round.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


19 thoughts on “A Little Victory

  1. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this update and feel lighter that you’ve gotten promising news. šŸ™‚ You must have wept with relief! And that is a fine looking photo of your little one.

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    1. Oh today has been amazing! I know we have a long way to go, but I’ve had moments where i really think i might meet this one and hear them cry!!
      Im so pleased we got new pics as the one from last week made me sad, but this one makes me smile!

      Thanks for all your kind words xx


  2. Crying with relief! I know you’re not out of the woods but so happy you’ve had the results you have today. Allow yourself that bit of excitement – you deserve it. PMA all the way!!!!!!!!! Xxx

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  3. I am so pleased that you have had your scan today and the news is looking much more positive. How nice that you got such a lovely doctor too, who has put you a little more at ease. Not too long to go for the next scan, stay positive šŸ™‚

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  4. literally the best news i have heard for ages!!! brilliant!! Stay positive, take it easy and enjoy. this is your time, I know it is. you are going to meet your baby and there will be a happy ending!!

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  5. Hello some great stuff in that blog entry mighty and Mr t well impressed – made me smile on my very late train home today. I particularly like the number 4 this evening

    Big love to all

    P xx

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