Keeping busy….

Keeping busy….

So our first cardio echo is tomorrow. I’m honestly a bit numb about it…think it’s a coping mechanism. I am looking forward to seeing baby on the screen, I’ve only ever seen my babies alive on screen so far.

I’m so hoping for a good result tomorrow, i plan to ask the consultant if he thinks its safe for me to buy anything after the scan, as I’m at the Baby Show 10 days before my anomaly scan and 2nd cardio echo and i bet there are some fab deals to be had, but am i tempting fate? Certainly feels that way. My original plan was to hold off until 24 weeks, but the Yorkshire in me can’t resist a bargain. And i would like to feel excited about this baby, rather than a nervous wreck.

We bought a nappy disposal system at the weekend, both hubby and i felt very weird about this but it was better than half price. We are hoping anything under £30 will go unnoticed by the take home baby gods.

We have seen a pram we like too, but i can’t even entertain the idea of buying it yet as taking back the travel system we bought for Milo must’ve been so so hard for hubby….no way i could face it.

I’ve been to see the community midwife today…all is well with me, blood pressure a little low – normal for me – and despite feeling like a 🐳 I’m apparently ‘nice and slim’. We heard baby on the doppler, easy as pie, must’ve been sleeping. Im to go back at 21 weeks….please please let me still be pregnant then!!!!!!!!

On to happier thoughts….valentines day! How was yours? I was truly spoiled this year….


Cupcakes for the woman who never feels full, woop!


This picture was taken in September 2006 the night we got engaged….in Egypt. The lyrics are from ‘Afire Love’ by Ed Sheeran…its one of the ones that makes me blub, and cry i did, loads.

And finally


They smell amazing!

I’m one lucky lady and so thankful I have hubby in my life, he’s an absolute diamond, my rock, my best friend and I’d be lost without him.

We also exchanged cards, and basically said the same thing to each other, how no matter how rough it gets, we manage it because we have each other….so glad we both have that security.

Well that’s me for now, i will post again once we have had the scan and Nifty results.

I’m now off to do a spot of dusting and will wash my hair, anything to keep busy today and hopefully wear myself out so i do get some sleep!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


10 thoughts on “Keeping busy….

  1. Lovely gifts from your hubby especially the cakes….mmmmmmm

    As for tempting fate, I guess that depends on whether or not you believe in it. I don’t. I never have.
    However, I’m sure tomorrow will bring you some much needed reassurance and hopefully you can indulge at the baby show.
    Everything remains crossed for you and the PMA is through the roof! Xxxxx

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  2. Yummy cakes! And love the frame! We had quite an emotional valentines, hoping it’s our last one as a couple and that we are also out of the woods with this rollercoaster pregnancy, and she’s our take home baby. Will be thinking of you both today Toni, sending lots of positive vibes and looking forward to hearing a good outcome. We’ve bought bits and pieces, we are treating it as a positive sign to the baby gods. 😊 big hugs. Xxx

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    1. Hehe glad you understand my baby god thing…bet people think im mad lol.
      Well done on buying! I do have a fair bit from my last pg, all brand new too.
      Ive had a little cry this morn but now head is held high and smile on xx


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