I can barely believe I’m writing this, despite having had the news for 6.5hrs, its still not sunk in, AT ALL.

We finally got GOOD news….

Baby’s heart is looking normal. 4 chambers. 2 main blood vessels working correctly, plumbed in as they should be, blood flowing as it should be…:)

The lovely consultant, Gordon, from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital told us he anticipates no major issues, that we have ruled out 85% of all heart defects, including the horrid, incompatible with life ones. He will ‘fine tune’ in 4 weeks time but would only be looking for tiny holes, which can be fixed. His parting words were ‘you can relax now’!!!

Its like a dream, i cant believe it. Im not quite at ‘relaxed’ but wow, what a relief!

I guess its slowly sinking in as I’m looking forward to the baby show now, rather than thinking I’m tempting fate. Although I’m still worried I’m jinxing myself….

When the girls at work heard, they did a round of applause, bless them.

A very special friend of mine said it with flowers


The card read ‘Big smiles for you both. Lots of love.’ She was also the first person to send flowers when we found out Milo was poorly. Such a gem, she knows me so well.

Im also celebrating doing my last blood thinning jab today….I’ve punctured myself hundreds of times since November 2nd 2014 and here is the evidence


That yellow sharps bin is full, and the genius bottle idea is courtesy of a friend at work, thanks for the tip!

I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who have been rooting for us today, whether you are family, friends, blogging friends, babycentre friends or facebook friends, it means so so much to us, and I’m grateful for each and every one of you, near or far.

Lots of love, (a shocked but very happy) Little Miss PMA xxx


23 thoughts on “SHOCK!!!!

  1. Such good news, I actually had a little cry. So delighted for you all and hope you can relax now and enjoy your pregnancy! And the baby show, happy shopping, we are going to the London one on Friday! Big happy hugs. Xxxx

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  2. This is amazing!! Best news ever!! I am so so happy for you! Enjoy this moment and the months ahead. You an an inspirational person and I hope I have an little but of your courage as we go through this journey !! I am totally thrilled for you! Enjoy xxx

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  3. I think 4 should be the number of they day again! Also Gordon as man of the day after tom of course!

    Simply a late night wow from me, still think of the poem what life is this if full of care we have no time to stop and stare! Not sure why but it came to mind.

    Big love to all. P x x x

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