At least half a stone lighter

At least half a stone lighter

Or at least thats how i feel after Friday’s Nifty results (I’m actually 2 and quarter pounds heavier than last week, hey ho!)

Hubby caused a scene at work when i called him, he dropped to his knees and then jumped about punching the air and walls with glee…hasn’t been able to keep the smile off his face since!

We received the written results on Saturday.


So from the 1 in 11 chance we were given by NHS, it turns out its more like 1 in almost 53 million….this worries me. How many people are given odds like mine and choose invasive testing which carries risk, when there is no need? Im not saying everyone should have a private blood test, i know we are lucky to have been able to afford this but i do think the NHS needs to hold off giving out numbers based on nuchal measurements, Hcg and PAPP-A. I know at my hospital women who have the CVS or Amnio can opt into a research programme which is helping to develop a Nifty-like test, but it could be years off…i just know the emotional turmoil we have endured these last 4 weeks has been really tough and my heart breaks that so many other women/coupes will go through this same ordeal.


I genuinely feel lighter though and haven’t suffered with a headache since Thursday, despite having one for 4 weeks prior…clearly stress related then! I finally feel able to get excited about this baby, and even allowed myself to buy some baby clothes…




As you can see from Nifty results, we stayed Team Yellow (as in not finding out sex) so we are buying gender neutral clothes, just like last time! Im super excited for the Baby and Toddler Show in Manchester in a couple of weeks now, and hoping to grab some bargains.

Hubby and i have booked a weekend in London next week, which we can really enjoy now, instead of worrying we can talk about our future with smiles, make plans, and i can panic about how much stuff we still need despite having bought a fair amount last time round.

Now we feel that this baby is coming home, i feel i can post my bump pictures…






Ill try keep this up throughout the pregnancy as i think its a lovely way of documenting it. Im not feeling much still, occasional pops and flutters but by occasional i mean weekly, if that. I know its still early but with my placenta where it is, I’m not sure ill feel the rascal properly for quite some time yet. Oh, baby is nicknamed ‘the rascal’ now, due to how how naughty they are already! Its an affectionate nickname, but with a dash of truth behind it!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


10 thoughts on “At least half a stone lighter

  1. Your bump looks fab! Enjoy this time before the next hurdle needs jumping…. Looks like it should all be plain sailing from here on in though xxx


  2. I was wondering with all these numbers and odd and ratios and the like what sort of names would be appropriate so as I type I am thinking

    On the ratio front then the following


    On the numbers front

    Numericles. Sort of Greek god like
    One ( as in one love)
    Sigma. The sum of or indeed the son of?
    Hope you are all well.
    Just the usual random musing from the train
    P x

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