Baby’s first…..

Baby’s first…..


Yesterday i had my first session of reflexology, it was wonderful. Relaxing and tranquil. But the best bit? The Rascal kicked me, a proper thump, even through my placenta it was quite a whack! Its the first time i have been sure it was baby and not wind. Now, when people ask me how the baby is, i can say ‘good’ rather than, ‘i dont know as i havent felt anything’. Im not expecting to feel The Rascal everyday now but its a massive relief and the most amazing feeling. Im booked in for another session next week!


When we said goodbye to Milo last year, one of my biggest regrets was we hadn’t created pregnancy memories with him. As we have had a few tough weeks we decided to book an overnight trip to London (Baby! Any Friends fans?!). I wanted to create some happy memories. We booked a lovely hotel, as my brother is in the industry, we got a great price and were treated like royalty, were even made VIPs of the day…free breakfast and free cheese board!!

We travelled by train and spent ages riding the tube as all the lines we needed were closed, typically. Bizzarely enough my anxiety didnt peak as it normally would, hubby and i kept laughing!!! We checked in at the hotel and travelled to the Natural History Museum where we saw dinosaurs and the most amazing exhibition on The Earth.

The last picture is of the Leo constellation where we have named a star for Milo.

After the NHM, i wanted to go to Harrods. Hubby didnt get why we were visiting a ‘department store’ until we got there, and we saw what an amazing experience it actually was. I had to get The Rascal a gift…

And i had a pose with the Harrods bags…

Now at this point i was absolutley done in, as you can tell by looking at my face!!! Its hard working growing and carrying a human don’t you know, so we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. We were greeted with fresh fruit and Prossecco which I’ve brought home, ready to drink after The Rascal arrives

We had to try out the Nespresso machine (decaf for me!) and i needed a little rest before attemping to glam up for dinner…

After the most amazing shower, we headed down stairs, to be greeted with bouncing down rain at which point hubby declared ‘Im not going out in that!!!’ At the top of his voice. In reception. So we ate in the hotel restaurant which i must say, was marvellous and my feet were very sore so i didn’t mind!! 

The next morning, we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast before heading out to the Tate Modern. I dont ‘get’ art but hubby loves it and i get a kick out of making him laugh with my inane comments! 

We then headed to the houses of parliament and Big Ben before returning to the hotel to collect our luggage and go back to the train station. I honestly havent ever felt so tired as i did in that train station. The upgrade to first class was well needed as was the M&S sandwich and things went swimmingly until we made an unscheduled stop…signal failure, all of us asked to alight the train and board another one, and then we waited and waited, eventually arriving an hour late…but still, a fabulous weekend and some very happy memories!

Love, Little Miss PMA (still exhausted, hence the late post this week!) xxx


10 thoughts on “Baby’s first…..

  1. That must have felt amazing – everyone says it feels magical!
    I’m glad you had a lovely weekend, now make sure you rest up lots!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was magical, ive been so looking forward to it and was so disappointed when i found out my placenta was at the front but at least i know The Rascal can make themselves known! Feel like i need another holiday lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for the kick…. When they get stronger try and video some, so weird to look back on! I have video of my
    3 yo dd wriggling about inside, she thinks its hilarious!
    Glad you had fun here in London and making bump memories. You are looking great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Had so much movement this weekend, its wonderful and im so happy we have made bump memories this time!
      Ill defo record when they get stronger and i see more. So far an odd shaped bump is the most i get to see/feel on tbe outside xx


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