A beautiful goodbye

Today we drove to the beach, just hubby and I, to say goodbye to our little man. We felt a beach was a calm, serene place to let Milo go up into the heavens.

We walked as far as my little legs and blossoming bump would allow before releasing his ashes and custom made balloon into the wind. 

We watched in silence, hugging each other, tears rolling down our faces, as the ashes and balloon flew up into the sky, where Milo can play with the angels forever.

It was very beautiful and felt so right. 

As we walked back to the promenade, hand in hand, in the biting wind, we remarked on how beautiful his goodbye was, and how we both felt a sense of closure.

He will always be remembered.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


8 thoughts on “A beautiful goodbye

  1. what a beautiful send off. I keep Addison’s in my room with a candle always lit beside of me. I actually wrote a blog on how hard of a choice it was to do this vs a burial. So many were against it, I am glad to see another great mother who made the same choice. Maybe the wind was him telling you he loved it!

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