We did it!!!

We did it!!!

We (and Team Miracle) made a healthy baby!!  We got the all clear at our anomaly and foetal heart echo scans yesterday. It really hasn’t sunk in that I’m bringing this baby home, but it’s a relief to know i can enjoy the movement, don’t have to feel guilty when buying baby stuff and i even announced on Facebook yesterday!

It was a tense morning, i felt sick (had vomitted the night before even), and baby lived up to its name by being a complete Rascal during the anomaly scan. Face down making facial measurements very difficult.

Hubby had a hard time watching the scan, i could see how worried and scared he was, but i forced myself to watch, just in case it was bad news again. Early on in the scan, the registrar did say ‘oh that’s not right’ at which point we both flinched and panicked, but it was a typing error, not something she had seen! Phew! 

The Rascal’s brain was measured more than once, and toward the end of the scan hubby and i exchanged a look that said ‘something’s wrong’ but it turned out she was just double checking her work for her boss! 

Im really happy with everything, baby looks fine’ – magical words! 

Whilst she entered the info into a different computer, she changed our viewing screen to an info screen and i exclaimed ‘oh no, i know the sex’ and moments later hubby saw it too….female! The registrar was ever so confused until i showed her what i was looking at, at which point she said sweetly, ‘no that’s YOU!!!’. We did laugh!!! 

Although they won’t change my due date i did notice baby was measuring about a week ahead according to measurements, 1 less week to wait to meet him or her!! 

The consultant came in and double checked the face since The Rascal was still face down, but all is well and we got 2 good pictures, baby even looked at the ‘camera’ right at the end…

Look at that fat belly!! And those Eyes!!! Hubby says The Rascal has my nose, a cute little button! 

Our consultant said he was hapy with everything and that it had been a pleasure looking after us but he didn’t need to see us again! Woohoo!!

We walked across the corridor and had another scan, this time focusing on the heart. Gordon whistled all the way through the scan, showed us the blood ‘slopping’ about the heart (his words not mine) and even showed us the bits Milo was missing to put me at ease. He then also said it was a very boring normal heart and that he saw no reason i needed to be scanned again!!!

NO MORE SCANS!!!! No more sleepless nights the night before, no more pleasing the take home baby gods! We’ve done it! By jove, we have our take home baby! 

The rest of the day was a blur, we are thrilled, although it truly hasnt sunk in yet. It was lovely, however, to look at purchases and realise we wouldnt need to take them back! I’ve signed up to aqua natal again, am looking forward to doing my relax, breath and birth session in a few months, have even talked baby purchases without ending the sentence with ‘if everything’s OK!’

Now to enjoy the next 20ish weeks, growing a healthy baby, although if i get much bigger i may pop!

Now for your amusement, a flowery whale…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


12 thoughts on “We did it!!!

  1. What wonderful news. I am so so pleased for you. I can only imagine how happy you must be feeling 😊
    Now to just enjoy the pregnancy and revel in this little miracle growing inside of you! Much love xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How wonderful!
    Your previous few posts were exceptionally hard to read without breaking down so I can’t imagine how hard they were to write.
    This one however evoked tears of happiness and your bump pic a “woop” out loud!
    Congratulations again! Roll on ‘home time’.

    Liked by 1 person

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