Sinking in….?

Sinking in….?

The days after the scan were a blur. Of course i was thrilled to have a healthy baby growing inside me, but its taken a while for it to actually sink in.

I think this weekend was the start of it….we were walking round Tesco grinning our heads off and generally feeling quite smug as we bought up most of the fresh vegetable aisle. We even went down the baby ailse without panic and fear creeping in, buying nappies and sheets for the moses basket…they were both on offer and i do love a deal! 

It wasn’t until we were leaving that we recognised it for what it was, acceptance. We are having a baby, an actual real life, ours to take home, baby. 

I’m struggling to sleep at the moment, i crash out just fine but wake up in the early hours, and im wide awake! On Saturday i was up a ladder by 7am measuring my windows for blinds, I’d been up since 6am, and managed not to wake hubby until 7.30am. He said I’m nesting, that i wouldn’t have done any of that before the scan, perhaps he is right, another sign of acceptance?

Since being pregnant, i have an aversion to doing nothing, so every weekend is jam packed. This weekend we have done the weekly shop, had tea with our friends and their little girl, had sunday lunch and accidentally bought a sofa…now i say accidentally as i had NO idea i was going to buy one until we saw one in a department store. It was pricey so we nipped to a retail park and found a gorgeous chair in one shop and lovely sofa in another and before i knew it we had a new sofa and a chair. We do need a new one, as ours is a bit large for the room and has a chaise which only the cat uses (he sits on top of a blanket) and right now there is no where for a moses basket, but i honestly had no intention of buying one, glad i have though.

As soon as sofa is delivered in next couple of months, I’ll get hubby cracking on the nursery, I’m all decided on colours now, but still unsure on whether to carpet or laminate.

I’m having a blind company round this weekend to look at having blackout blinds fitted in my room and the would-be nursery. I’m hoping this will allow me to sleep past the crack of dawn and is a must for baby. My room is ready for them but the nursery needs decorating so im in a quandry as to how I’ll go about that….anyway im thinking out loud now so enough of that! 

Im struggling with some pain of late, its mostly in my right hip/bum cheek and goes all the way down my leg. Its possibly another reason I’m waking up so early, despite using the pregnancy pillow. I have a midwife appointment next week and I’ll mention it as it can start during the day and i am suffering most evenings now, plus im tired by early evening from all the early starts! 

Weight wise, I’m now in double figures!!!!! The anorexic in me is handling it rather well i have to say. I appear to be gaining the right sort of weight each week at the moment, approximatley 2lbs. Getting on the scales makes me laugh as i have to peer round the bump now…

Speaking of the bump, i look easily 5-10 weeks further ahead, as evidenced last week when shopping with my Mum. I was asked how far along i was, when i told them i saw the look of shock cross the womens face, before she composed herself and said ‘maybe you’re carrying at the front’ hahaha! Luckily i know I’m huge and i love it. Stairs are a bit of a problem, especially steep ones but all in all i feel great and im so used to my bump, i even thought i looked thin on Friday, until a colleague corrected me! 😀

Next Monday is a massive milestone, the most pregnant I’ve ever been…I’m quite looking forward to reaching this milestone as im hoping it really will hit home that this baby is a keeper.

According to my app, baby is as big as this….


My scan report says baby was weighing approximatley 12oz last week too, which i assume is OK and means im fedding him/her well. The Rascal is becoming a right wriggler too and I’m definitely noticing a pattern to the movement, which I’m glad about as i was worried my anterior placenta would mean i couldn’t monitor movement as much as i should according to the Count The Kicks charity.

All in all, its been a good, if not slightly surreal, week.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


8 thoughts on “Sinking in….?

      1. That might be a good idea! I’ll tell you what, it could be my first payday on Friday, I’ll splurge in your place 😉

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  1. I’m so happy to see this post! You’re nesting! How wonderful. It made me chuckle that you bought a sofa accidentally, it’s amazing the things our babies ‘need’ mine needed a new stair carpet lol! Enjoy every moment, ps stay off those ladders Mrs!

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