Millie’s would be due date

Millie’s would be due date

Is today. Im ok. The last 10 days have been tough though. Ive been feeling pretty low around pregnant ladies and newborns since about the 27th of July as i always thought she would arrive on the 30th. Im hoping after today, ill feel better.

Ive remained in doors today. I went out on Monday and the onslaught of newborns and preggos was too much to bear. Many of the people i was due with have started posting pictures of their newborns on Facebook. Its hard. Im jealous. It should be me. Im also super pleased to see all these little people arriving safely into the world though.

I just want to be part of the club again but the crippling fear and lack of funds prohibit this. In time im hoping the fear will lessen and the funds will grow. April/May 2016 is firmly implanted in my brain so ill do all i can to ensure we dont have to wait longer than that.

I have one exception to the above. My friend M. She was due yesterday but so far her baby is staying put. I feel for her, shes desperate to see her baby’s face. I wish there was something i could do but babies come when they are ready and not before! Hopefully wont be too much longer for her. 

In an effort to ‘get back to me’ i had my long hair chopped short yesterday. Was a bit of a shock when i looked in the mirror this morning as ive gone from elbow length hair to collar bone length hair! Its nice though, it suits me and looks really healthy. Ive been playing with the idea for ages, nearly did it after Milo but forgot and then nearly went for a pixie cut after Millie but again, realised making decisions immediatley after the event probably wasnt a good idea! 

Its nice to have the change, its a positive step.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


15 thoughts on “Millie’s would be due date

  1. I’m sorry for the tough moments what with all the newborn notices and missing Millie. Funny, I gravitate to major hair changes when life throws curve balls my way too. I just lopped off my almost elbow length hair too. I considered the pixie but didn’t go that far though that may yet happen!

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    1. Thank you! Its nice to see a different face in the mirror sometimes, id been growing it 2+ years! Im not sure im brave enough for pixie as my hairdresser said itd be a fair amount of work and im soooo lazy!

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  2. Always in my thoughts Hun hope it’s only good things coming ur way from now on that happiness is in touching distance u both deserve it so much xx
    Ps love to see the new hair xx

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