Small task, big achievement

This is something I’ve been trying to do for weeks but haven’t been able to.

It’ll seem like nothing, it is nothing.


I filed, buffed and polished my nails.

Its nothing, i know.

It means a massive amount to me. I haven’t done this since losing Millie.

Its another step in getting back to me

But, it feels so alien, the smell of the polish so strange to me now, despite the numerous times ive done this. It feels wrong to have them painted if im honest.

But i have to fake it til i make it.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


12 thoughts on “Small task, big achievement

  1. Well done hon. This is important, even though it feels small. I’ve always said to myself that looking as bad as I feel will do nothing to improve my situation, so may as well try to look my best! These small things can give you a much needed boost:) nice colour btw xxxx

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  2. Millie asked me to tell you she loves you and wants you to embrace life, one breath, one step, one indulgence, one filed buffed and painted nail at a time.

    I’m telling you that I truly believe a child’s spirit has chosen you as his or her parent and you two will be together one day. I know it’s hard but please keep up the itty bitty gifts to you that are in fact huge steps forward in context. They matter. You matter. If you don’t believe me please take my word for it. You will see.

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