New year, new hope?

So 2015 is FINALLY coming to an end. Its not been a great year and im so glad to see the back of it!

We are having a quiet night in, like the last 2 years, although this year ill have a few bubbles to celebrate!

My one resolution is….no baby loss in 2016!

I have zero control over this of course, but its all im wishing for….that, and reaching 24 weeks gestation.

There is nothing i can do to prevent a loss except remain vigilant and utilise MAU more.

After 2 late losses in 2 years, im really not sure if me and hubby could take another loss, but we wont be happy until we have our very own baby. Its a difficult situation, the fear of loss is immense, but the desire to be parents is far more intense.

We feel like we have everything, except the one thing money cant buy. Christmas shopping was difficult as neither of us WANT anything. We just want a lil person to love!

Having said that, i got some lovely gifts, my pandora bracelet is filling up nicely…


I love my princess castle from hubby, reminds me of Disneyland Paris, happiest weekend since our 1st loss in March 2014.

Anyway, im glad to see the back of 2015, and look forward to our 2016 adventure.

Happy New Year.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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