So happy, i forgot to title this when i published!!

Im still incredibly zen and happy. I’ve had a great couple of weeks. I honestly cant remember feeling this well or grounded.

My eating is AMAZING for the first time in a decade (except when i was pregnant) and that really is all the proof i need to know im well. Im even gaining weight!!!! Im tracking my calorie intake to ensure im eating above what i need and to be honest, im smashing it. Im really very proud of myself. *smug face*

Hubby and i are closer than ever and for the first time in 2 years, we can look to the future, without being full of fear. In fact yesterday we had a coffee (decaff for me) and were happily chatting about when we will adopt after having our child. Because we will have our own child. This next cycle WILL work. Im desperately hoping for twins, again, but if we don’t get them, perhaps we can adopt twins?!

Its nice to have silly dreams like this again, to be so positive, strong and ready for whatever is in front of me.

So the IVF update…
Im awaiting on my results from the hidden infections testing but already have hubby’s prescription ready to go when i hear back

Im currently contacting fertility clinics to get my pre-testing done. Now my go-to clinic is booked, normally I’d panic, but the new me has just sent out feelers and i know it’ll come good. Even though there’s only 2 weeks to go. It’ll be fine!

Now for those of you interested, these are the tests i need done:

Hormone Blood Tests

1. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
2. LH (luteinising hormone)
3. AMH (anti-mullerian hormone)
4. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
5. E2 (oestradiol)
6. Prolactin

Ultrasound Scan

1. Trans-vaginal Antral Follicle Count (to count the number of follicles in each ovary)

I also want the scratch done on day 21 of my cycle, this has been proven to improve implantation rates (hoping for two!)

Other than that, flights and accommodation is booked and paid for and the money is saved so there’s no more to do just now.

Yesterday was the 1st day of spring, and what a nice day it was, certainly put a spring in my step! It reminded me that i must get cracking on the garden as i wont want be be digging about when in my 2 week wait or pregnancy really.

I also decided yesterday to take off Milo’s ring. Hubby has removed his and to be honest, its the excuse i need to remove mine. Hubby treated me to 2 gorgeous replacements


I feel better for it. I love my sparkles and these are much more ‘me’.

Im not at counselling today, or next week! Why? Because im doing so well!! I’ve worked my backside off in my sessions and its paid off. Im at ‘acceptance’ in the grief cycle. Its a massive deal because, finally, i see light at the end of the tunnel, i don’t hate myself anymore, and im the positive person i want to be again.

I just cant stop smiling reading this back. I so love writing happy posts.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


18 thoughts on “So happy, i forgot to title this when i published!!

  1. Oh hun its lovely to read you sounding so positive and really happy. Ekkkk!!! You havent got long to go and I will be thinking of you xxxx

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