Im so excited….

Im so excited….

IVF is ALL i can think about at the moment. Im so excited to get started….so where are we at?

Bloods came back last Wednesday. My AMH in October 2014 was 59.5 and now its 23.6. I was really shocked at the massive drop until i did a bit of digging and found the contraceptive pill can alter these levels. I dont believe that half my eggs have gone in the last 18 months. I sent them to TM straight away, and by Friday i had my protocol.

It looks like this…


One of the many, many reasons i love TM, is how very organised they are. As an administrator, this is how i would do things, make it easy as i can so there are no mistakes.

Couple of changes to the protocol…im on higher stims than last time. This i think, is because we have to get my ovaries working again, theyve been ‘off’ since i went on the pill for all intents and purposes so the extra meds should get them active quicker. I wont lie, im anxious about this increase, as this is the dose i was on in UK when i got moderate OHSS. TM, unlike my UK clinic, do flush the meds out with a drip following Egg Collection so im hoping that will stave off the OHSS, and ill also be drinking plenty throughout stims and lots of isotonic stuff post EC. But its a concern of mine.

The other change is the addition of steroids (Prednol), from what im seeing this is just a change to the standard protocol and i havent been given them for a special reason, just another med to help us get, and stay, pregnant.

On Friday, £5.5k left our bank account, £615 on meds, and £5k changed to Euros as the rate FINALLY went up from a poor 1.1 to a kind of OK 1.3 and i didnt want to miss it!!! 

On Thursday im booked in for my scratch and ive also reserved my place in the embryoscope, when we get to Cyprus. This is a clever piece of kit that takes photos of the embies, meaning they dont have to be removed from the incubator (which they dont like) and allows the doctors and embryologists, to actually see how they are developing, and whether there has been fragmentation etc, meaning only the best are put back. I feel this is worth the extra cost as we dont seem to make very strong embies, so the less they are messed with, the better. Also, the geek me is super excited to watch my babies develop from the moment of conception, something most people will never have the privilege of seeing, most people probably wouldnt care but to me its fascinating.

Im also wondering if we should bank some sperm? Hubby has no more holiday from work this year, certainly not enough for a full cycle, so just in case it fails (it wont) or i lose before 12 weeks, itd be nice to know we could go again without waiting until 2017. Ill need to look into this more and speak to the clinic too, but its an idea.

My biggest fear at the moment, is the number of babies that implant. Im desperate for twins, but terrified about triplets. If it was 3, we would be looking at making decisions i really dont want to make. Although we have agreed a plan, im worried things will change once in the situation. However, i cant actually do anything about this, so its a worry for another day. Id be gobsmacked if we had 3 strong embies to be fair!!!!

So thats the IVF update! As i said, its all i can think about so apologies to those of you that know me, as its pretty much all i talk about!!

Last weekend we went down ‘south’ to visit some of hubbys family. We had a lovely day, walking beside the beach, then fish n chips (for me) in the pub. Followed by Harry Potter hangman with the kids and Friends, Scene It! with the adults. Im pleased to say i won Friends, id have been so annoyed with myself if i hadnt, i LOVE that show. HP hangman was also brilliant, the kids came up with the most obscure characters they could. They definitely won there, although i did get ‘Kingsley Shacklebolt’ with no letters, so you know, I rock!!!

This weekend my BIL came to stay, its been ages since we had some 1-1 time with him and it was lovely. We had drinks in Manchester, a great meal at Bill’s Restaurant amd then came home in a food coma and watched retro X-Files. It was lovely, chilled and just what we needed.

Im lucky enough to have a 3 day week and then this weekend, i MUST work on the garden. The weeds are dead, i have new plants, i just need to put in the graft now and GET IT DONE!!

Love, a very excited, Little Miss PMA xxx


11 thoughts on “Im so excited….

  1. Getting excited with you hun. You have it all sorted, organised and are so positive. 2016 is going to be your year hun. Sending positive thoughts to you xxx

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  2. Yay! Glad you are feeling excited and hopeful for this cycle. When hubby does his deposit for this cycle there should be more than enough to bank some so I would def ask if you want the back up. Hope you get a nice smooth awesome cycle X

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