Seven minutes and £350 later….

Seven minutes and £350 later….

Today i had my scratch done! 7 minutes i was there for!!! It was a nice clinic though and the nurse was very friendly. The consultant was very interested as to why i chose Cyprus (how long have you got?!) and even asked if i knew why i was there (well yeah, i booked it) and wanted to go through what would happen. I chuckled and said “im a seasoned IVFer, whip my pants off, legs akimbo and jobs a good un!!” (hilarity ensued)

I even got see how many cells she removed, it looked like a good few.

I had a full bladder as assumed itd be ultrasound guided, but no, she did it by eye! I was impressed!

So we are officially off, for me this marks the beginning of the cycle. 

Hermes, the courier, now have my meds so they should be with me soon and i take my last contraceptive pill on Monday. 


Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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