Its like I’ve forgotten EVERYTHING

Its like I’ve forgotten EVERYTHING

I seem to be doing really badly with the jabs for some reason. I have great big red lumps where the jab is and its sore to touch.

I mean they do go down within 24hrs but i don’t remember this from last time!

IVF isn’t meant to be easy though, eh?

Ill take my 4th stimulation dose tonight (wish me luck) and on the 5th we add in cetrotide to stop me ovulating.

I’ve got my bed socks on when im at home but haven’t managed the hot water bottle yet.

Im drinking a glass of milk with complan daily as well as loads of water…although i need to be drinking more. Im snacking on almonds too.

Now as my period (AF) has been all over the place, stop starting and the like, i may have started a day late 😕 but im assured this will be ok by the clinic. Plus i have an extra day if needs be thanks to rubbish flight times!

I’ve met a lovely cycle buddy through babycentre and we are going to meet up in Cyprus so that’ll be nice.

Im now over my wine and coffee craving which is great because i annoyed myself on Saturday and Sunday but im in the IVF mindset now!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


4 thoughts on “Its like I’ve forgotten EVERYTHING

  1. I’ve changed the angle of the needle very slightly as I inject and it’s not as bad, still sore but not as bad as day one. Only a few more days and you won’t be injecting until you start the fraxiparine!! Glad you’re over your cravings too xx

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