I got it all wrong. I had 20 overall not per ovary! So im not at risk of OHSS, yay, but my levels indicate my lining is too dry to be receptive to a pregnancy! Doh!

Anyway, 18 eggs were collected yesterday and 14 of those were mature so ICSI was performed on them. This is where hubby’s sperm is physically injected into an egg!

Of 14 injected, 12 fertilised overnight! And with the amazing embryoscope, i can now introduce 12 potential Mini Us’s…


Arent they beautiful?! Sadly its not likely that all 12 will make it but its a good starting point!

The real surprise of yesterday was hubbys sample though. Due to the sperm improvement protocol, his motility has increased about 20% which is amazing.

After my strop, im now feeling much better about the freeze all. Im focusing on the positives and there are many of them not least one being i can come back in June for transfer which is no time at all really. Im already checking out places to stay as im going to bring my Mum next time. Hubby is outta Annual Leave and i know Mum would love to meet them so ill have another lil holiday, why not eh?!

As my lining is famously thin i am slightly worried about getting it to transfer thickness…so ill come back for a week in case of delays and additional meds!

Im a happy bunny today and love my lil embies, they are beautiful.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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