Final update from Cyprus!

So yesterday we were told the epic news that a whopping 7 embryos had been frozen. I still cant quite believe it!! Best results we have ever had in 3 fresh cycles. Im over the moon, truly!

The original plan was that i would start preparation for the frozen transfer today but when we got to clinic the plan changed!

Dr F felt that due to my whopping 18 eggs collected that some of my follicles could still be releasing hormones which could jeopardise the success of the cycle. Makes sense really. So we have a new plan…

Im to start the pill today to control my cycle…the reason for this? Well, its all because of March and what it means to me and Mr Me. Its obviously not a cursed month but given I’ve lost 2 babies in March, i kinda wanna avoid it. Now most doctors wouldn’t give a damn about this, but Dr F is incredible. She’s timing my cycle so ill give birth at the end of February. What a woman!!! Im so very grateful to her for this and so many other things.

So ill stay on the pill from today to the 31st May. Stop. Have a bleed approx. 4 days later, and start meds on cycle day 2.

I haven’t got the full protocol yet so im not too sure what im taking when but it’ll be with me soon. I have come away with a bag full of meds today, including the pill, cetrotide (to stop ovulation), estafam (to build my lining), progestan (progesterone to support the upcoming pregnancy), prednisone (a steroid to stop my immune system attacking the embies) and monodox (doxycyline an antibiotic to stop infection).

Despite many protests, I’ve also paid my freezing costs and meds cost and apparently im now paid up! They are so relaxed about payment with me, but being a Brit, i like to pay for services as they happen.

I had made a load of enquiries about villas etc for the earlier dates but luckily didn’t book anything, although i will have to rearrange my holiday at work as i gave my manager notice of the earlier dates yesterday! Oops! Sorry!

We are currently sat in our favourite coffee bar where im enjoying my last coffee. I need to stop again to ensure my lining grows, stimulants aren’t good for that.

So thats it, fly home tonight after an amazing 10 day rollercoaster! Im so ready to see my fur babies and watch the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones…we have being trying so hard to avoid spoilers!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

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