Nearly there…

Nearly there…

So….im underway with cycle 8.

My period arrived a day early on Friday so as of Saturday ive been prepping for what will hopefully be the last IVF cycle of my life.

I booked a trip to Alton Towers to encourage my period to show up on time (not that i needed it) but it was so much fun, im so glad we went.

We stayed in the enchanted forest and had our own little lodge

We went to the roller restaurant where all the food comes to you via rollercoaster too. It was very cool.

Normally im really good on rollercoasters but i have to admit i felt rather ill after each one…im hoping its the wine from the night before!!!!

It was a lovely 24hrs tho, nice for Me and Mr Me to have some time together since hes not coming to Cyprus.

So…FET. Ive done a number of FETs before but nothing like this…


It has to be the most comprehensive protocol ive ever seen for an FET. Which is reassuring if not a little confusing!!
Yet again im super chill so my protocol is up on the wardrobe plus a copy on my phone as i need to refer to it regularly (usually i memorise them pretty much, but thats when im stressed). All the dates are a mess as i wrote them in before AF showed (silly me!)

So, we fly on Wednesday, Mum and I and transfer i THINK will be 19th but things can always change so its not set in stone.

Ive stopped caffeine and alcohol again as they can hinder lining growth. I have added in raspberry leaf tea and brazils in an effort to help my lining get thick as im slightly paranoid as my lining has let me down on previous FETs. However as above ive never been on such a comprehensive protocol so i can see why the team are not worried!

My alarms list is already pretty big… and we havent even got to the 14th when the regime really steps up, but it is nice to feel like im doing something again, and im super excited to get my embryos back on board!!

Im still exhausted come morning and im SO looking forward to a lie in at the weekend. I could easily sleep 11hrs at a time at the mo!!

Lastly im super thrilled that i have hit 8 stone!!!!! Its taken weeks and weeks but ive done it. Ive not been 8 stone without being pregnant since i was 16/17 and the bullies told me i was fat in a size 8!!
I cant blame my anorexia on those sad, silly girls though. That came about as a form of control and is more linked to my mental health…but they were the trigger. School kids can be cruel and words hurt so if youve nothing nice to say just dont say anything. Please.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


8 thoughts on “Nearly there…

  1. It’s getting real! So excited for you. Oh and sorry you were treated that way in school- kids can be so cruel. Wish I could have dumped milk over their head for you πŸ™‚

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