The longing for a baby has come back with a vengance this weekend.

It’s probably because im hopefully going to be having my embryo transfer next week or possibly because i cant go on Facebook without seeing kids all over it or because Team Miracle is having such success at the moment.

But oh my God i want a baby, RIGHT NOW!!! 😂😂

Obviously i know i have to wait for a baby and im so excited/nervous to be pregnant again but oh i cant wait to be a mummy to someone.

Im quite glad this feeling is back as it was suppressed for a long while by fear and grief. Its kinda another milestone through the grief process i guess, go me.

Im managing much better with the restrictions this cycle, as i KNOW i have an issue with lining so need to do all i can to help it along. Its so much easier when i know why i am doing something!!

Im having a few anxious flutters regarding the number that may implant but im trying to remind myself to take it one day at a time, we’re not there yet.

Im also getting excited butterflies about going back to Cyprus, cant wait for lovely weather, to see the team and to get my babies back where they belong. I wanna join the baby club!!!

Sunday Morning musings!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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