Im baacckkk (in Cyprus)

Im baacckkk (in Cyprus)

Hello from a very sunny and very hot Cyprus. Must’ve been 40°C+ today (my phone says 35° but i don’t believe it)

We arrived yesterday evening. Flight was great and transfer was ready and waiting…in a tiny car with 2 massive suitcases, funny!

We took a different route to normal but by george it was quicker and we went through a village where Turks and Greeks cohabitate which is unusual! Car was ready and waiting at villa too. All good so far…

Then Mum and I got into the mix 😂
Within half an hr, a cushion and a chair had blown into the pool which i then had to rescue!

We set out for dinner and it took upwards of half an hr to figure out how to get back to the main road…it was still daylight too 😂

Went for dinner, got back in the car, no sat nav as phone had died so it took me another 40 minutes to find the supermarket and then over an hr and a half to find the villa again. Pitch black roads with no signage are to blame. We drove past the street we need to use at least 4 times as the only thing we were told was to look for a tiny sign which is black and white and not lit at night!!!!

But we got home….in the end!

Today has been a weird one as when i took my antibiotic this morning it sent me into a throwing up frenzy…coupled with the heat…not a good time. Eventually a nap and a sandwich sorted me out but, yuk! Im fine now and just need to be more careful tomorrow.

I think im having a scan tomorrow…im very dubious about my lining but the team have told me to stay positive and given all the meds, im sure it will be fine.

Just about to get ready to go out but i have to say, i don’t think i could manage a cycle in the heat of July/august so im soooo glad i got to come back now.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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