Over the f**king moon

Over the f**king moon

I was nervous about today. My lining NEVER plays ball on FETs and i was sure this time would be no different. I expected to fall at the final hurdle.

But Team Miracle lived up to its name, yet again. 8.5mm and triple stripped! NEVER in my life have i had such a thick lining.

Dr F REALLY knows her stuff.

So, embryo transfer on Sunday, eeeep! Im so nearly PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise). Dr F is confident my embies will defrost well. Its a little but exciting…meaning im giddy as a school girl 😂😂

To celebrate i treated myself to a proper coffee at my fave coffee bar, Shooters!

Another boiling day today, car said 43°C, and as much as me and Mum are sun worshippers, we also know to be sensible, so we didn’t sit in it at all until after 3.

We have cracked our route home too, so no more driving in the dark for hours 👍👍

I also don’t need to take any more Monodox (doxycycline, antibiotic) which i am thrilled about as i was really struggling with the morning one, and although i took it 2 hours before i got up, i was still nauseated and combined with the heat, yuk yuk yuk. Hopefully ill now feel fab everyday (as i don’t normally suffer morning sickness)!

From here on in, the assumption is, cone July, ill be knocked up once again and this time im seeing it through to the end….you heard that baby giving gods? Its my turn!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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