1 more day until transfer!!!!

1 more day until transfer!!!!

We’ve had a lovely day, relaxing by the pool BUT in the shade!! It was mighty warm again today!

Coming off the antibiotics has certainly stopped the nausea and i was able to have breakfast today…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mid afternoon i was told the plans for tomorrow…
I’ve to be at clinic at 8.30am (Mum and I aren’t morning people so she is threatening to sleep in her clothes and make up πŸ˜‚)
I need to be filling my bladder before and on the way and then some more when i get there!

I cant use a strong shower gel or deodorant….but its boiling so my plan is to have a shower before bed and put my deo on then so the smell is gone by morning…pretty smart i reckon?!

The very good news is, i CAN wear make up, which is useful as I’d scare the staff and patients without it…think zombie/vampire!!!

Im absolutely thrilled with how things are going and im so excited for transfer tomorrow….not something i would have said the beginning of the year.

Im so ready for this now. Im ready to be pregnant again, ready to deal with the anxiety the pregnancy will bring but most of all im so ready to be a Mummy!!! And Mr Me is so ready to be a Daddy!! Its all we’ve wanted for the last 7 years.

Im excited to ‘join in’ too, the freeze all did leave me feeling left behind, so it’ll be nice to feel im part of the club from tomorrow.

I cannot thank you all enough for all the support you’ve given me to get to this point. Family, friends, colleagues, and followers all of you have played a part in getting me to this point and ill never forget that.

To Mr Me…thank you for never giving up on me, even when i was spiralling out of control, for always being there, for knowing what to say, what to do and just being you. I cannot wait to start this new journey with you and i love and miss you sooooo much xxxx

Enough of being soppy….ill be PUPO tomorrow (see previous posts for meaning!)

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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