Im PUPO again!!

Im PUPO again!!

The day arrived! It was an early start after a late night, so not much talking was going on. We arrived a little early, as is always my way.

By this time i was wide awake and very excited. Also i had a VERY full bladder, as confirmed by ultrasound. Then i changed into my fetching theatre outfit and was wheeled to theatre.

Being short, getting my legs into those stirrups whilst also being low enough down the table, is a challenge, but once i was strapped in we were ready to go. My favourite nurse was on hand to assist Dr F during the transfer, but being a Sunday and with only 3 patients, it was a minimum staff.

Although, i do think everyone on shift was in that room with me at some point!!! Except the coordinator! But thats IVF, and you learn pretty quickly not to worry about being on show!

Speculum in and a little look around for my cervix, it likes to hide, and then the embryologist was called to bring through the catheter with my embryos.

And in they went….4 grade AA embryos are currently back where they belong, and im over the moon!!

Dr F tried to give my bladder some relief but i was too small or it was too big. I had to hold it.

Wheeled back to my room and Mum was surprised it was all over! Its as quick as a smear really!

A little later my nurse stabbed me with Clexane and Proluton Depot (i say stab, i mean administered in a totally professional manner πŸ˜‚), blood thinner and progesterone in oil. The proluton is a massive one into the muscle and its pretty sore, even now. But i only need to have 6 over the next 20 days and its all worth it!

And now back to my bladder! I didn’t want to use the bed pan…i just don’t get it, peeing whilst flat but rightly so my nurse explained im meant to be stress free and a very full bladder is stressful.

Bed pan it was 😨😨

Peeing whilst flat is like going against nature, its just not what your body wants to do!!! But with loads of concentrating and telling my bladder its ok, sweet relief πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After my 2hr lie down with bum raised and legs up, i was allowed up.

The coordinator had been through my protocol and do’s and dont’s and got me my post transfer meds…its a lot!! I paid up and off Mum and I went.

We needed some shopping and Mum didn’t allow me to lift anything…cotton wool has been wrapped round me already!

Back to the villa for lunch and we have both had a nap following our early get up….lush!!

So here we go, in 12 days time we find out if it worked. It will. And in another couple of weeks, how many have implanted.

Seriously exciting times and yet again im so grateful to TM and Dr F for all they have done for me.

Im pregnant, until proven otherwise and i love it. You’ll not get me to test early as i like to keep the dream alive for as long as possible and I’ve seen far too many negative tests in my life to want to see more.

Wish me luck

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


20 thoughts on “Im PUPO again!!

  1. Woohoooo!!!! 4 grade AAs – doesn’t get much better than that. No, wait, it doesn’t get ANY better than that! Will it be twins, triplets or quads? I can’t wait to find out. It’s all coming together for you now:) much love xxxx

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